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good early morning, soulstrut.we interupt the threads, "what are the cool sunglasses for the summer", "vg+ vs M-", "best lube for my dildo microwave slipmats" and "hooray for my 70,000th post!!" threads to share a real schittt thread poppoing off right now.i'm doing semi big real things in the announcements thread section. no big deal. i'd just like to cordially invite anyone who cares over to join in the fun. in due time the announcements section will be the new general section. it's just a little bit loser over there. if this post gets deleted i understand. no hard feelings. cas is all about peace in the 07. to proves the peace that i'm about. i will prempt any hatred with the yellow ribbon gramlen. it's like the kryptonite of hate. it's a little known jewel that not too many people know about. watch...thanks, serch!


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