MC Serch's 2nd solo album (from 1994)...

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just got a copy of that MC Serch release that came out last month [MYLA (Many Young Lives Ago): The 1994 Sessions] and am actually enjoying it in a somewhat "lost piece of hip hop history" kind of way. the album consists of 10 tracks: 8 of which are pretty much what would've been Serch's 2nd solo album [which was recorded in 1994 but Russell Simmons wasn't feeling, so it got shelved] and the other 2 are tracks that were recorded with Pete Nice in 2000 for the 3rd Bass reunion [which also went nowhere]. if you want some more background info about this album, serch has a pretty detailed blog about the recoring sessions and why the album got shelved, etc. at his myspace: any case, i was a huge 3rd Bass fan back in the early 90's and i'm feeling these. so i'm gonna recommend that any ol school Serch fans check for this. i was completely unaware that this had even come out, so just thought i'd just let you all know...and now, a sip of the juice..."Handle It" (1994) and one of the 3rd Bass reunion tracks from 2000 - "Cats In The Cradle"


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    not bad

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    you have a link for the whole album or is this something he is trying to sell?

    i like "handle it", the harry chapin remake is .

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    yeah, the 3rd Bass reunion stuff wasn't anything special, but it's still interesting shit to finally hear... this was released last month on itunes, not sure if it's been released in any other format yet... but here's the itunes link for the full album:

  • mordecaimordecai 2,204 Posts
    i like "handle it", the harry chapin remake is .
    i liked Cat's In The Cradle better actually

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    "Handle It" could have been a hit in '94 had it come out.
    I dig that one!

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    on handle it heat

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    Further cosign on "Handle It". That other one is hot garbage though.

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    Aahhh the good ole' crowd chorus.

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    "Handle It" could have been a hit in '94 had it come out.
    I dig that one!

    Uh, no. The lyrics aren't bad, but the beat is hella boring.

    I didn't know "reunions" involve someone hogging the mic and the other person helping with the voiceovers.
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