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Hi there,Me and Fishermanprice will be in Japan from the 13th to the 30th of April, places visited are Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto (the last one for a couple of days).We can bring to Japan most of the records from the website for trade (If you have wantlist don't hesitate to contact us as well), inorder for you to save shipping cost, and for us tomeet some cool records collectors out there (:As for trade, of course we're after rare japanese recordsincluding jazz dance, pop bossa, groovy soundtracks,breaks BUT ABOVE ALL any freakbeat, boogaloo, mods,acid, prog, proto electro, weird concrete, psych??,fuzz guitar sound, especially in 7inch (:Please no common anim?? or cop show stuff a la "Howlfor the sun" or "Lupin", we need uncommon/rare/secretsounds!If you're interested, please contact us at[email][/email] or just PM me.We hope to meet you "for real" very soon!
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