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Anyone got any tips/help on trying to get a version on os 1 0. 3 (i know still old) for f r e e, my girl needs it to run an ipod and she's stuck on 10 .2. 8 I know she could pay for it but that costs money, torrents and stuff im kinda clueless- any help would be appreciated...


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    Yo! Take that shit to

  • yea thanks, there might be better forums than this one for this type of question, but seeing as though Im basicaly trying to s t e a l shit so apple dosent really seem like the place to be asking...

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    I thought ipods weren't system specific so it shouldn't really matter.

    Also... apple is making some of the install CD's specific to the machine it came with these days (next level).

    If you want to try the torrents that would be my bet. Why not go for the latest though? 10.3 is old.

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    i fucked up my ipod once using a mac then tried to play it and it just skipped thru all the tracks without playing...i had to hook it back up to my PC format it and reset it..the ipod update software is different for the PC and Mac i think...but i don't believe it matters with the OS.

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    Yes it's different for Mac and PC. If your ipod is formatted for a PC DONT plug it into a mac.

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    Anyone got any tips/help on trying to get a version on os 1 0. 3

    I've find it, it's on 2 CDs, PM me your address and I'll send 'em to you.

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    I'm telling steve on you.

  • Bapt,

    thats too cool man, but, Ive got it sorted for now I think,(some one who lives pretty close is sending it, your a euro dude right?). Appreciated, and thanks again.

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    Yup, I'm in Paris. No probs man. Good luck with this iPod
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