March 31-Make IT Funky DJ A-SKILLS TORONTO

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MAKE IT FUNKY PRESENTSMIF's 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION!! [/b]Featuring[/b] DJ A-SKILLZ (Finger Lickin, UK) Listen to the new A-Skillz Mix Here!: wordPEOPLE(7 Piece Hip Hop Funk Collective) [/b] Also featured on this massive lineup:BIG LEAGUE CHU (Make It Funky) ROBB G (Make It Funky, Promo Records) www.promorecords.caJAMIE KIDD www.JamieKidd.comZIRCA (Make It Funky, Mixed Bag) DAVE DUB (Make It Funky) FARBSIE VS SUNPREDICTABLE (Make It Funky) D (Make It Funky)Taro (Make It Funky) REVERB, 651 Queen St. W , Toronto, ONTICKETS $15 advanced more at the door get your tickets early this one will be big! [/b]Tickets available at: Rotate This, Play De Record, Sonic Temple, Sound Scapes, 2TheBeat, Shanti Baba and www.ticketweb.caROAR PLUR 10PM - 4AM A-SKILLZ [/b]Adam 'A.Skillz' is one of Sussex's most talented beatmeisters. At just 23 years of age, Adam has been producing music and DJing for more than five years. Since starting out playing drums in the rock band Sabio, which for several years took him on regular tours across Europe, Adam has fast gained a reputation for himself as studio wizard, musical maestro and tantalizing turntablist. His incredible deck talents involve fusing funk, hip-hop and breaks with his own style of highly innovative scratching and sampling, and have won him prime-time slots across the UK including FabricLive, Ministry of Sound, The Apollo, 93 Feet East and Chew The Fat in London; Supercharged, The Boutique, Catskills, Ocean Rooms and The Event in Brighton and Blowpop in Bristol, as well as gigs across the world playing at major events and music industry parties such as the Hit Factory Studio (New York) and Transmusicales Festival (France). A.Skillz has also been a busy boy in the studio with his impeccable engineering talents being utilised by high profile labels such as Defunked, Arista, Curious Records and Planet Funk. He also co-produced the flip to the UK No.1 smash hit "Breathe" by Blu Cantrell with fellow producers Ed Funk & D Rok, as well as "Feel The Love" with Funk n' Flex. Adam has also mixed and engineered compilations for the UK's leading dance music magazine Mixmag, and has written and produced tracks for pop groups T-Girl and Tribe. Over the past two years, Mr Skillz has been working in the studio with a certain other Brighton breakbeater and scratchmaster: Finger Lickin's very own Krafty Kuts, producing their highly acclaimed album "Tricka Technology". With a nod towards De La Soul, Ugly Duckling, Gorillaz and Jurassic 5, it is true Finger Lickin' Funk, and the future certainly looks bright for these two! Enlisting the talents of some of the world's best hip-hop and funk artists including Kurtis Blow, Real Elements and Ashley "Freakpower" Slater, the duo have created an album that just oozes a summertime vibe full of hip-hop beats, party licks, deck tricks and spontaneous skits. He is currently working on his first solo artist album which will see him team up with DJ partner Krafty Kuts as well as other major names for some seriously hot collaborations! You read it hear first: you'll be seeing plenty more of the amazing Skillz in the future! wordPEOPLE [/b] Sometimes timing is everything. Driven by the common objective to assemble an all-live manifestation of a love for beats, rhymes and life, wordPEOPLE was formed in summer of 2003.The band's desire to record the material that had matured in front of live audiences materialized when 91.5fm The Beat hosted the "Rhythm of the Future Showcase" in Kitchener, Ontario. An outstanding performance of original music earned wordPEOPLE first prize in the group performance category and $18, 000 in studio time. The resulting recording, a five song EP entitled Vol. 1: PLAYONWORDS, musically and thematically fulfills the emcee's lyrical declaration; it is a mix of "the physical and digital, the sensible and whimsical". With current online distribution through Maple Music, wordPEOPLE is poised to continue the soul mission to make music that satisfies the mind and body.wordPEOPLE's positive vibe and live instrumentation is at the heart of their ability to entertain audiences of all ages and musical interests. wordPEOPLE has garnered the attention of festival promoters, propelling the act into the public eye at such events as the Nike "Who Runs This Town?" rock festival in spring of 2005. In the same year wordPEOPLE was well received at the 2005 Oakville Jazz Festival, where festival-goers eagerly embraced the contemporary urban sounds alongside a line-up of traditional jazz ensembles. More recent dates have seen wordPEOPLE share the stage with God Made Me Funky, Mr. Something Something, Ike Turner, The Pocket Dwellers, K'naan, Sekoya and Nick Ali's GruvAsylum. Currently recording their first full-length offering set for release in mid-March 2007, wordPEOPLE continues to perform for steadily increasing and receptive crowds, proudly delivering carefully crafted Canadian urban music. THANK YOU![/b] What an incredible two years for the fledging collective! Make it Funky has raised the bar in Toronto by putting the party back in party. The collective has focused on introducing new acts and old favorites to the Toronto scene and has developed a loyal following. Some of the outstanding acts presented to date include: DJ Krafty Kuts [/b](Brighton, UK), Afrika Bambaata [/b](NYC), Malente[/b] (Hamburg, Germany) Freddy Fresh [/b](Mineapolis), DJ Czech [/b](Vancouver, BC), Mat The Alien [/b](Whister, BC), Greg J[/b] (San Francisco, CA), Vinyl Ritchie [/b](Victoria), Fort Knox Five [/b](Washington, DC), Wax Romeo [/b](Calgary, AB), Smalltown DJs [/b](Calgary, AB), All Good Funk Alliance [/b](Washington, DC), MC Killa Kella [/b](London, UK), The Jimmy Swift Band [/b](Halifax, NS), God Made Me Funky[/b] (Toronto, ON), King Sunshine [/b](Toronto, ON), High Plains Drifter [/b](Toronto, ON), Chameleon Project [/b](Toronto, ON), Moses Mayes [/b](Winnepeg, MB), Kobayashi [/b](Montreal, PQ)... and the list goes on! And it all started by a group of fans who had the foresight and determination to bring the Canadian underground funk scene & burgeoning international mid-tempo break scenes together, re-definining dj & live events in Toronto. We would like to take a moment to thank all our fans and supporters who have come out to make Make It Funky what it has become. We could not do it without your unwavering support.
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