Books about Krautrock?

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Can anyone recommend any books to improve my knowledge on Krautrock? Actually, any good books about krautrock, psych, the birth of electronic music? something written for the record collecting, soul strutter type.dont know if i'm makin much sense, just recommend me a good read, thanks.


  • don't really know any...

    are you asking for books about German Krautrock? Or Prog/Psych/Rock in general? A local dealer has some old books about the beginngs of Kraut and Psych... I could ask him. Oh wait, those are books in German... are you German?

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    Not the book, but def a good read.

    Hope this helps.

    Cosmic Dreams

    I'm pretty sure the book has been out of print for years. You might be able to find a PDF on soulseek.

  • Klatte!!! WORD!

  • Julian Cope's "krautrocksampler"

    The Freeman Bros. book...."The Crack in the Cosmic Egg" I think?

  • Also, Krautrocksampler by Julian Cope. I think it might be out of print.

  • This thing is loaded with record porn.The 45's section will blow your mind.

  • Oh, by the way, the pink covered record is the Motherhood LP I've been talking about all the time. Seen it for 5 Euros, but left it at the store, cause I forgot to take my purse at home. One of my biggest record related mistake ever. It's definitely a nice and collectable record.

    And the one with the eyeball is the first pressing of the Free Orbit LP. I talked to a collector once who said that he didn't like the second Free Orbit LP with Udo Lindenberg. Well, it's actually the very same record. haha!

  • "The Crack in the Cosmic Egg" is the ultimate.A true labour of love by the Freeman bros.Very detailed with reviews,band history,discography,cross referencing,maps,everything.Unfortunately it's long out of print.I think a CDROM or text version may be available through the Audion website.My copy is well worn and I still refer to it after having it for 10+years.

  • "The Crack In The Cosmic Egg" light version:

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    Also, Krautrocksampler by Julian Cope. I think it might be out of print.

    A friend of mine scanned this book for me a while back. It may not be ideal for reference, but here it is anyway:
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