Wack artists who made a good track

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What are some examples of artists who you usually consider complete bullshit that has made a good track? Not breaks or funky parts in the music. Good tracks!There???s soulstrut favourite Leo Sayer who made a good soul stepper with ???Easy To Love???.And???.Toto with the indemand ???Georgy Peorgy???. Also a nice track by a group I truly hate to listen to with the one exception.


  • DJBombjackDJBombjack Miami 1,665 Posts
    If you like that track then also check for 'Waiting For Your Love'. It's in the same vein and you'll recognise who sampled it too.

  • faux_rillzfaux_rillz 14,343 Posts
    About 90% of the artists that people on SoulStrut consider "good" would fall into this category...
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