warren bryant--rarity check?

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Who here amongst us has or knows someone who has this lp? (produced by a highly regarded soul vocalist and a female who later released a boogie 12")In almost 10 years of buying records this is hands down the best private issue i've ever had....totally amazing laid back cross-over soul probably recorded somewhere in the mid-late 70's with early modern tinges. I've talked to a few local dealers and nobody seems to have even heard of this. I contacted the wife of the male producer and she was completely un-aware of this release...may have been some sort of studio demo that was released "behind the back" of the artist.anyone know this record?thanks!


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    never heard of it, you have a pic of it?

  • cover is a plain black stock sleeve...found it sealed in a box of disco 12's

    no year or adress/location...the male prouducers name is actually mis-spelled (on purpose?) but his wife confirmed that he worked with the female producer who is also credited.

    label is revolet records

    anyone know it?

  • last call...anyone, anyone at all?

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    Very rare. It's worth $750.

  • Very rare. It's worth $750.

    don't care bout the value


    rey, seriously...you got it? heard of it? hit me on the pm if you wish to not disclose your sources...
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