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Hi,Just wondering if any folks here can put me up on any record spots in the St Louis area? Any cats from out that way can holla at me on the PM. I'm trying to connect with a dude by the name of Ron Butts (NH).Thanks in advanceh


  • Yo. I grew up there, but i now live in columbia, mo (half way between stl & kc)

    The Record Exchange is a good place to start. If you're into 12"s, they've got thousands of them, but they're unorganized. They also have a ton of other stuff that's worth looking into. Someone on this board works there.. you should try to meet up with him. I forgot his name though.

    There's also Euclid Records. They've got lots of jazz and a decent funk/soul selection as well as a bunch of other genres.

    Vintage Vinyl is a classic shop in the University City (U-City) Loop. Go here and get a burger at Blueberry Hill.

    Those are the places that I also go to when I'm in town. If you're going to be in town for the night, check out the Hill, an italian neighborhood with lots of great restaurants.
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