Bamako (movie) Theme Song

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Saw Bamako yesterday and the theme song completely blew me away. Problem is.. although i've been waitin till the credits, i shamefully forgot about the music credited..Here's the trailer of the movie and you'll hear what i'm saying.. it's (song at the end is 'Saa Magni' from '93 Oumou Sangare album Ko Sira, beautiful as it is though, i'm looking for the first song..) it sounds soo familiar, i ran through most of my africa compils but can't find it..please help me out, the gaps in my memory are haunting me!!


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    well, in case somebody cares..
    i actually had that song on one of the Soundway compilations. shame on me!!
    the song i am talking about is 'Naam' by Christie Azuma & Uppers International, originally released on Uppers LP 'Din Ya Sugri', but can easily be found on the second volume of Ghana Soundz.

    still highly recommended of course

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    Beautiful, How is the movie?

    - spidey
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