Yomo Maulkie Appreciation

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I love this album. Am I the only one who missed this when it came out? How raer is the wax? I see "12's, but not the lp. If you haven't heard it, cop with a quickness. Here's a blurb:"Ruthless's only psychedelic act, YoMo & Maulkie released their debut project, Are U Xperienced? in 1991. They collaborated with M.C. Yella of NWA to produce such notable tracks as "Watch Out Black Folks," "Are U Experienced?" and "Mama Don't" which features a saxophone solo by labelmate, Jimmy Z." peacehova


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    I always liked these guys.
    'Glory' was a dope track - a definite bargain bin find over here in the UK, but I like it.

    If anyone has the vinyl of the aforementioned album and wants to sell/trade, send a PM!

  • Weren't this being discussed over on DWG as one of those mythical albums that're supposed to exist but not seen?

    I recall they had a tune over the beat to Bone's "For The Love Of Money".

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    I recently saw a copy of the 1st Yoyo LP, "Make Way For The Motherload". I had never seen that one anywhere, so that was a surprise. There was a euro import pic cover, but I saw an authentic white label. The Yomo & Maulkie is prolly like that too, seldom seen, but it prolly exists, like "Uncle Sam's Curse", but even rarer.

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    I recall they had a tune over the beat to Bone's "For The Love Of Money".

    Yes its the same track. I guess Easy just took tha dub w/ the Latoya vocals and let Bone rhyme/harmonize over it.

    This album has some serious gems on it. But I wouldnt saw its mindblowing as an over all effort.

    Daddy Rich is my shit.

  • ha this is funny because I just posted a request for this record. Definately a dope CD, that I was unaware of. Only found out because one of their friends from high school comes through the store and was searching for it. The original "For The Love of Money" is dope, and overall the production surprised me for when it came out. Too bad Ruthless didn't know what to do with them.

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    funny you talk about that...while i was moving to a new flat some years ago, i found an old tape of Y&M...it was th cassette single for "Mama Don't" (i dont remember the b-side). This track was in my top ten back then, along with "we're all in the same gang". This shit is bringing back some ill memories, like Young MC and Tone Loc. I'm not ashamed to say it, i DID listen to that. Just "Bust a Move" (for school parties) and "Funky Cold Medina"...
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