I Didn't Know that LP had THAT sample!!!



  • catalistcatalist 1,373 Posts
    ya know there is one that just cant seem to put my finger on though....

    That Julie Dricoll cover of Light my fire..one of my favorite songs for when Im feeling blue..odd I know.
    But the organs are killer, everytime I hear it I think its been used, but I dont know on what??

    Anyone know what Im talking about?

    Man when that part comes in it is soooooo ill.........

    def. organized confusion.

    i've found primo samples on Weather report records , i don't even remember all of em, but one that struck me was one he used on Hard to Earn for the track with guru, jeru + lil dap but it's for Jeru's part of the verse. it's this stab at the very end of a track on Mysterious Traveler (the weather report LP). when i heard that I was like "Primo is a serious digger/listener" , he really checks out the record and finds parts right in the middle to flip. I remember i noticed that on that Ramsey Lewis record he flipped for 'Livin Proof' too

    also this old Emarcy jazz record he used on Take It Personal is hot to death

  • dgriotdgriot 388 Posts
    semi-OT, but I've been going through the Jayne Mansfield boxset this week, and finally heard the source of the "it's to be sung by three chickens" vocal sample that starts off DJ Maru - Maru's Sketch mix. Tony Randall in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

  • jaymackjaymack 5,198 Posts
    just found out dilla samples little beaver's "a tribute to wes" from the black rhapsody lp for sv's "conant gardens"

  • batmonbatmon 27,574 Posts
    Lord Of The Underground's Funky Child horns on The Fish That Saved Pittsburg Sdtrk.

  • akoako 3,409 Posts
    every time i browse my "Iguana" lp and come across the intro sample from ugly ducklings "journey to anywhere"!

  • -Last night I was skipping through a average Whispers record and I come across Mobb Deep??s Drop a Gem On 'em. I wouldn??t have thought..

    - I chopped up Teddy Pendergrass excactly the same as Gift of Gab did on a track on "4 dimensional rockestships going up". My record dealin??friend came to the studio and said that was the best song on that whole album and played it for me.
    Didn??t save that beat...

    - about the latest Dusty Fingers, (vol 13?).
    I found that R. Webb DeWolfe record for 10 euros at a used record store and I was flipping the shh out of the same track. Then DF comes out with a new volume with the same song.
    Never released that one...

    by the way, this is my first post, been following the board on here for a few years now! Be nice, I??m a nice dude.
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