The Empty Boat / Lost In The Paradise versions

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Got a school project where I have to compare three different renditions of the same song. Are there other versions/recordings of Veloso's "The Empty Boat" or "Lost In The Paradise". I've got the Gal versions of each so I need one more. Anybody know other recordings of these tracks? Suggestions for other songs are welcome as well, but they need to have lyrics. Thanks in advance.


  • hmmm, i thought i had another "empty Boat" but can't seem to put my finger on it...
    if you want to stick in the same genre, "Baby" might be easier- there's the Gal version, Mutantes, Maria Bethania on Recital na Boite Barroco and probably others. of course the verses are in portuguese but it's not too hard to find translations or translate yourself...

  • Yeah I thought about using Baby for the project. Just particularly liked the difference in approach on those "Lost In The Paradise" and "The Empty Boat" versions.

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    Keeping it Brazilian... Ye-Mele would be another good choice.
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