playing my own beats Tues night @ Madrone SF

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So my man DJ Centipede, also known as Mophono has been holding down one of my favorite nights in the city, the Tuesday weekly at Madrone known as "Change the Beat" for about a year now along with Citizen Ten. Centipede describes the night as "Thug Jazz and Funk Rock from around the world layered with dirty instrumental beats." Basically, these guys have been getting it in on some experimental beats type of vibe and they always come with serious heat. You can read more about Change the Beat as well as check out Mophono's upcoming projects over at am thrilled to announce that I will be appearing this Tuesday night, along with my partner Sean Julian, to debut our collaborative effort known as Julian Code. We've been stacking beats for years now and we're about to hit ya'll with that real raw shit! Check out the sounds on our brand new myspace page (ADD US!!!) and come check out myself on the turntables and Sean Julian on the sp-404 live Tuesday night @ Madrone, at the corner of Fell and Divisadero in San
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