Records you wish you'd never seen...

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as a modern soul conniseur this one had winner written all over it...small label, promising instruments, and even an autographed cover to lure me in. Luckily, the lp sounds like it was recorded in a closet and my ear drums were not permenantly damaged after a few needle drops. I can still recall the day me and my six bucks fell victim to this private turd..shoulda copped some cti instead


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    Kamahl's catalog.

    Some of the most common terds in Australia ever...

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    Kamahl's catalog.

    Some of the most common terds in Australia ever...


    p.s. these LPs make great birthday cards...chicks dig it.

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    Walter Boone And Dedication-I'm Safe

    Horrible gospel released by Walter way back in 1985.
    Cover looks like it could be an uber-raer modersoul jawn but it's merely dookie.

  • I thought this thread implied "what records you wish you didnt see because you didnt know they exsisted until you saw it and didnt cop, now that fact bugs you because if you didnt know it exsisted you wouldnt be living with this inner turmoil and pain based on the fact you could of had said record but dont because you slept on its one appearence and you havent seen it since...therefore you wish you had never seen it"

    anway mine is(based on the aforementioned interpretation of thread title:
    The King LP with "Space Guitar" (see, I saw the only copy in the world priced at $40 and slept because I didnt feel like paying $40, I cant even find a picture of the LP online, just a shitty stylized CD cover of said LP)

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    I see this schlager turd on every fleamarket at least 10 times.

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