Spankrock vs. Cut Chemist "Bump the Altitude" 320

RustyBRustyB 223 Posts
edited January 2007 in Strut Central kps..I know take that ish to, but I did already..


  • Shit is haught!

  • bthavbthav 1,538 Posts
    someone posted this a bit back... f'yah joint for sheeez

  • sticky_dojahsticky_dojah New York City. 2,115 Posts
    The OG has come up on me lately...really nice, I dig the whole Cut LP more and more...he will be on tour with shakira in europe soon will this version ever see an "official" release on some baltimore 12"? I needz to have this on vinyl....

  • ZEN2ZEN2 1,540 Posts
    dope track.. thanks

  • Shit is haught!

  • spankrock gives me a headache.

  • RustyBRustyB 223 Posts
    Thanks hommie, I just did this for my peeps.. No plan for vinyl, but feel free to rock this ish..


    Thank you everyone.. Ive gotten mad good ish from this site, had to give back.

  • dope shit

  • dope shit

    5 points off for graemlin misusage.

    please move back 2 spaces and dont collect 200.
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