how to stream MP3s over the internet??

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wassup all.. i need some help with this... all i'm looking to do is be able to play music from my computer and have some friends online be able to hear it live. be it via playing MP3s from itunes or dropping the needle on my turntable [which would be hooked up into my mic input]. something kinda like an internet radio i guess, but not 24/7 and that can be quickly setup when needed.this used to be really easy back in the days with winamp and shoutcast... but now i'm using itunes on a mac (OSX) and have no idea where to start. any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • I'm a PC guy so don't really know specifically.

    Found this on the interweb:

    I'm not sure what app you'd use to get it there, but Shoutcast is still a good solution. The other solution would be to pay for a web host that allows for live streaming (a lot of them don't) and use an application (VLC?) to stream the audio up there.

    Good luck, curious to hear what you figure out.

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    aim homie. I use to use it all the time a while back to auditon beats and do mixshows for my boys who were away at college. I think yahoo messenger and msn do it too, but i think you can use yahoo to do it like in a chat room. All the other joints do it 1 to 1.

  • for anyone interested, i just found a program for osx called nicecast... looks promising! i'm about to see if i can configure this now.
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