Here's a german strutters hiphop wantlist.

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Hi there,here it is. It's pretty long though. I just got very few trades at the moment. Akrobatik "Ruff Enuff/"Woman"Akrobatik "Say Yes Say Word"/"Militant Raw "All Natural "It???s OK"/"No Nonsense"All Natural "Writer's Block"/"50 Years"Basement Khemist "Everybody/Vibrate"Binary Star "New Hip Hop"/"Glen Close"Charizma "Just Like A Test" (also on: Big Shots Bonus EP)Chief Kamachi "The Meanin'"/"Nile Nutrition"Choclair "What It Takes/Just A Second"Choclair "Father Time"/"Twenty One Years"Citizen Kane "The Epic" "Black Rain"???Co-Defendents "Get Cha Weight Up"Constant Deviants "Can't Stop"Dark Skinned Assassin "Lock Shit Down"???Derelecs "Turn At The Wheel"Dilated Peoples "Triple Optics/Work The Angles" DITC "Day One"Dj Adam 12 "World wide Originals"Dutchmin "Get Your Swerve On"The East Flatbush Project "Tried by 12"Eclipse "World Premiere" ERule "Listen Up/Synopsis"Finsta Bundy "Feel the High"Gauge "Cranium"Godfather Don "Styles By The Gram"/"Properties of Steel"Hillfiguz "Not Enuff Time" / "Da Broke Theory"Hobo Junction "Whoriden"--------------------------Jigmastas "Lyrical Fluctuation" Jurassic 5ive "Unified Rebelution"Kaotic Style "Top Billin '97"Krondon "The Rules"Lootpack "Whenimondamic"Lord Digga "My Flow Is Tight"Lord Sear "Hello / Ya Mouth Stink"L*Roneous "L'chemy"???L Tha Head Toucha "Too Complex"Mass influence "Life To The MC"Mass Influence "Analyze/ All Out"?MF Grimm "Emotions"Milano "Deal With A Feeling"/"Rep for the Slums"Money Boss Players "Walk With The Limp" Mood "Karma"/"cincinnati"Most Desh "hip hop is livin"/"Microphone Enhancer"Mr. Complex "Visualize"Mr Voodoo "Lyrical Tactics"Natural Resource "Negro League Baseball"Parallax "Don't Mean JAK"PHD "I'm the Authentic"Powerrule "Bright Lights Big City"Quasimoto "Microphone Mathematics"Rasco "Unassisted"Reflection Eternal "Fortified Live"Royal Flush "World Wide"Saukrates "Brick House"/"Father Time"Scaramanga "Special Efx"Scarub "Savvy Traveler"Self Scientific "Return"/"Sublevel Dominance"Shades of Brooklyn "Change"Show & AG "Full Scale"Slum Brothers - the first single(forgot the name)Smoothe the Hustler "Broken Language"The Sqwad "Rhyme Mania 99"Subroc "Stop Smokin That Shit"Rob Swift feat. Cracker Jax "Nickel And Dimes"Al Tariq "Do Your Thing"Third Sight "Rhymes Like A Scientist"Tragedy "Pass Da Tek"Tragedy Khadafi feat. Imam THUG "True Confessions"Truth Enola "Mayday"Unspoken Heard "Better Butter"Unsung Heroes with Siah & Yeshua da poED "The Norm/"Transatlantic"Us Plus One "Gettin Lyrical"Verbal Hoodz "I'll Be Damned"V.A. - Funky Precident LPV.A. - Soulstice Quannum LPPeace,Sebastian


  • LuminLumin 807 Posts
    i got quite a few of those
    what you got to trade?

  • got dupes of Negro League Baseball & My Flows is Tight. Holla.

  • shitzrshitzr 648 Posts
    check pm's.

  • get with me when you get a chance, too.
    deal with those guys first though.

  • ageage 1,131 Posts
    please check pm's

  • hi lumin,

    i don't have too much in my tradecrates these days but if you send me a wantlist i'll see what i can do. my collection is quiet big and i hunt for records at least once a week. so if you search for something hiphop or not, just let me know.


  • thank you for your response guys. i wrote some pms. so check your inboxes.


  • i also have quite a few of those(and many more from that era), let me know what you still need.

  • takotako 50 Posts

    Jurassic 5ive "Unified Rebelution"

    got a mint copy of this for trade if you still interested let me know

    (i also got a few other things from your list, sch??ne gr????e aus wien)
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