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Who's down with this? so tasteeeee.


  • or this?

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    Appleton's or go home.

    Fuck Myers.

  • When I fuck with rum I fuck with this


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    corny name, excellent taste

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    havana club 10 year

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    When I'm chilling at home, drinking alone in a sullen rage, I choose the cheapest rum possible:

    It tastes like misanthropy!

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    i know i CANT fuck with captain and cokes anymore. bleh.

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    I use this one here for Pina Coladas.

    Homemade cream of coconut and fresh pinaepple chunks with a handful of ice in the blender, fill up with rum. -Vilo??!

    This one I use for

    Cuba Libres (don't forget the Angostura!)

    Mango Daiquiris (fresh mango, ice and rum in blender)

    Ice Coffee (superstrong guinean coffee, some sweetened condesed milk, rum, ice)

    Hunter S. Thompson Special (big huntig knife, grapefruit, rum: cut grapefruit in half, stab meat repeatedly, slurp some juice to make room, fill up with rum, slurp, squeeze a bit, fill up again. Repeat according to own taste with used halfs or cut open new grapefruit.)

    I used to be more of a straight up person (Cognac, Armagnac, fine Eau de Vie) but the local abundance of delicious fruit at close to no cost has led me down the path of tropical cocktails lately...

    I am aware of the multitide of fine, aged Rum but I don't really need another costly vice...

  • sometimes it's nice to start out with an over-proof + coke to get things started right at the club. but we gotta remember a lotta ska dudes left us early coz they downed a bottle a day. hence, the term rot-gut.
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