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So it's been crazy hot in Australia the last couple of days and my computer has given up the ghost. It's my studio pc and I have some important stuff on there, so I'd like to get it back in business asap. I was using it and it just stopped dead. No beeps, no bluescreens, nothing. Now it won't turn back on and there's no light on the mobo. There was a pretty funky smell coming from my psu, so I thought it could be that, but now I'm paranoid it could be my motherboard.What I'm really asking is it worth spending money to fix my machine? It was an AMD 2800 64-bit that I was happy enough using, but I know old machines aren't worth the hassle sometimes.If you were to buy a computer today what would it be? Please don's say a mac, cause I don't roll like that.Cheers in advance.


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    if you have another power supply, try that out. if not, buy one and test it out. no sense in buying a new computer if it could be just the power supply

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    Cheers, I kinda thought the same. I'm gonna try and find a shop that will let me bring it back if it's not the psu. That can be surprisingly tough though.

  • BrianBrian 7,618 Posts
    yeah, i was going to recommend a store with a "liberal" return policy but i figured you would have thought of that =P
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