The Evil Eye

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Yo,Does anyone else here believe in shitt like the evil eye or weird hexes? In yiddish, we call the evil eye "aynore". You're supposed to be able to negate it by saying "keyn-aynore". When I was a kid, my mom always talked about the evil eye. She said if your wore red it could help you ward it off. In different cultures, people have jewlery with glass eyes on them & that's supposed to protect you from the evil eye. I have a mega bitchy, jealous aunt & I'm convinced she's trying to give the rest of my family the evil eye. I keep telling my mom yo stop talking to this devil woman, but my mom is all like "she's my sister" & some schitt. This evil eye stuff is even record related - jealous collectros could give you curses for finding records they passed over at shows. What's the 411? Should I buy one of these:That kinda reminds me of the cover to placebo.Here's more info: & a good new year's to all (No evil eye)h


  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts

  • fejmelbafejmelba 1,139 Posts
    if you strongly believe in it, it works.
    and get a voodoo doll for that aunt .

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    if you strongly believe in it, it works.
    and get a voodoo doll for that aunt .

    Do you mean that if I strongly believe in it, that I will get a curse or that if my evil aunt believes in it that I will get cursed.

    What kind of Voodoo doll would you recommend?



  • that looks similiar to this turkish mojo

    the majority call it "turkish eye" but in real it??s "fatimas eye" or "nazar boncugu"

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    If someone gives you the Evil Eye, make sure to put the Gris Gris on them.

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    I believe certain areas of the world hold bad juju. My ex lives in Sharon Springs, NY. I hate that area of New York, it gives me the creeps. Something very deep within me gets unsettled by being out there for extended periods of time. Ex's mom said I tapped into Iroquois angst/malevolence/anger/spirits. Who knows.
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