2 JAMES + 1 ISAAC = 3 POINTS (not bball related)

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Well the title might be a broken promises...what i have to offer is not that great, but i really enjoyed it myself, so here it is : 2 james brown videos, one being "mother popcorn" and the beautiful "everybody needs love", and 1 Issac Hayes video of him conducting an orchestra while recording the Shaft's theme. Too bad this last vid is in slow motion. Probably the LSD they was absorbing back then...If any of you own a downloadable old james footages, i'll take it. Specially the pre-Sex Machine era.Right-click the links and choose "save target as..." :http://www.strictlybreaks.com/upload/izm/shaft.movhttp://www.strictlybreaks.com/upload/izm/mother_popcorn.movhttp://www.strictlybreaks.com/upload/izm/everybody_needs_love.mov


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