I'm in Scottsdale AZ again, what's really?

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Finna play The Pussycat Lounge tonight, who's down to come through and drink themselves silly in the midst of all the bougieness? Challah at your boy.


  • sergserg 682 Posts
    yo man I'm gonna be in Az tomorrow. I don't know if I really want to go to that spot but if I can get some homies to man up I may.

  • did you hit that bail bonds spot I told you about last time?

  • MorseCodeMorseCode 1,516 Posts
    That would of been too fuckin fun to have you there tonight Serg! Ah man you would have busted some heads dude, this was like the bougiest scene EVAR, but still really fun to play 'cause they were really going crazy for the rap musics. And boy oh boy AZ has some surrious talent, let me tell you. Yo RELAX I'm gonna try and hit that spot tomorrow before my flight back to SF, good looking out.

  • SooksSooks 710 Posts
    Some roadhouse called like T&T or something like that... they had a good jukebox and some nice peoples.

  • sergserg 682 Posts
    TT's roadhouse on indianschool. Haven't been there in years but that spot was cool.
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