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Good people. I'm a be rolling trough N. Carolina (Raleigh area) for the first time this week. Do ya'll have any recommendations as far as record spots, thrift stores and most delicious BBQ joints??!! Also willing to travel out the way for anything necessary. Good Looks!while you're thinking, enjoy some holiday TREATS (Lord Finesse on the 1s & 2s)


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    Marco and I are both vegetarian so hopefully sonofsam can hip you to the BBQ scene

    But no, no records in Raleigh

    What's bringing you down?

  • Hit the Nice Price Books in Raleigh, Durham, and/or Chapel Hill to find cheap used albums and twelves. Maybe you'll get lucky. Probably not though!

    And as far as BBQ joints, yeah I'm vegan so literally

  • actually going to be just passin thru - road trippin all the way down to MIA with wifey and hoping to make several stops en route. Raleigh is someplace i have no idea about, so i'm asking...thanks.

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    ok, so how about the Winston-Salem area? Im going to be passing through those parts for new years weekend. I know there are some fleas down there.

    So spill the beans! you hippies.

  • what day are you coming through?... as the other dudes said, the record situation in raleigh is pretty much doo doo, but if you're coming through on the weekend, i will hit some bbq up with you... my wife is vegetarian, so i rarely get to eat any, and the shit down here is official... we might have to ride out to chapel hill though, allen & sons is that heat

  • should be there for most of the day friday and then off...if you can connect lemme know.

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    Did you come through R-A-L today ???

    The record store looked trashed

    Alice Coltrane and Bob Thiele left behind though
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