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What's the maximum downloads or the time limit for Sendspace?


  • CosmoCosmo 9,768 Posts
    Any idea? I couldn't find it in FAQ.

  • pjl2000xlpjl2000xl 1,795 Posts
    i know that i cant usually download more then 1 at a time with them. Yousendit is better for that shit. ive kinda been liking but the one day this weird certificate thing popped up and i wasnt feeling that.

  • lucerolucero 425 Posts
    dunno about sendspace (acts the goat with me sometimes) and with zshare unscrupulous types can delete your file ... megaupload seems good, lasts ages

  • I can't stand Megaupload, it's the worst of all. Takes forever to download and always seems to stall. Yousendit rocks. Rapidshare is also very reliable.

  • GuzzoGuzzo 8,611 Posts
    I've been using lately says it has unlimited uploads and isn't deleted until 100 days after its last download.

    Goes a whole hell of a lot faster than sendspace too

  • jaymackjaymack 5,199 Posts
    the trick is to use the newest site of the week. usually they are limit-less at first, then they start applying limits and pop ups, etc.]

    i personally use subscrptions to sendspace and rapidshare. it is soo well worth it. with the blogs and porn that is available these days you cant lose.

  • My understanding with sendspace is that there are unlimited downloads. Your file is pulled after no one downloads for 7 days.

  • just saw in the faq that you can dl 1gb per day but im sure you can reset that with your router/modem. here's a page about file hosting sites

  • bthavbthav 1,538 Posts
    sendspace is weird. i remember reading somewhere that dls last 7 days AFTER the last download, but i have shit up there that if uploaded at least 3 months ago and have ZERO activity... ZERO. dont know whats up, but im not complaining.

    downside is, transfer rate is a little

  • ElectrodeElectrode Los Angeles 3,096 Posts
    It's really slow at midnight but other than that it's good. Upload rates are 56k modem like speed, though which isn't too bad if you're just uploading 3MB MP3s. You might as well sign up if you do it alot. Otherwise you get what you pay for (free)
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