So did anyone else like Young MC's second album?

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Just wondering.Did anyone else like Young MC???s sophomore album ???What???s the Flavour????I liked it back in 93 and just giving it a spin now.I always enjoyed this album but never heard anyone express an opinion on it, this album just never gets mentioned. Production from Ali Shaheed (circa 93) ! So it was always worth checkin, as for the rhymes Young MC came correct, if a little corny.I???m guessing the general consensus is that its wack. But just wondering if anyone else liked it? Or even heard it?


  • Production from Ali Shaheed (circa 93) !

    He did the whole album?

  • But just wondering if anyone else liked it?

  • don't think I've ever heard it, but Stone Cold Rhymin' is pure

  • He did 4 of tracks on the album which is more than I remember him doing on any non-tribe album , a guy called Beetle is credited as co-producer of those tracks . The rest of the album is produced by Beetle (without Ali Shaheed) and Young MC himself.
    Ali Shaheed was obviously drafted in to add some credibility to the album and was the main reason for my purchase, but around that time I used to buy most (hip hop) albums that came out anyway.
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