Favorite songs to end the night with

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I often find myself playing Lauryn Hill's "too good to be true".

What are your favorite tracks to close a night with?


  • SoulOnIceSoulOnIce 13,027 Posts
    Arthur Alexander, You Better Move On.

    If anyone knows of a Jamaican version of this song,
    please point me in the right direction!

  • Sunshower / Dr. Buzzard
    Moondance / Van Morrison
    Between the Sheets / Isley Bros.
    For The Love of You / Isley Bros.
    Sexual Healing / Marvin Gaye
    See Ya / Paula and Carole in The Magic Garden

  • BrianBrian 7,618 Posts
    that aaliyah remix is from my homie mark's production group primary hustle. they got a lot more stuff but here's some stuff on the site: http://primaryhustle.com/

  • tonight it was Sade's "Please Send Me Someone To Love" and it was so right.

    It was the first night of the weekly gay night I just started. My town doesn't have a gay bar so i figured i'd do my part and turn the dance club into a gay bar once a week. btw did you know lesbians LOVE Bruce Springsteen? If you don't belive me I'll upload the Arthur Baker 12 inch version of "dancing in the dark" and you can try it out yourself.

  • Mike_BellMike_Bell 5,736 Posts

    Between the Sheets / Isley Bros.
    Sexual Healing / Marvin Gaye

  • cpeetzcpeetz 2,112 Posts
    Song for Bobby Smith-Gil Scott Heron
    You're Wondering Now-The Specials or the ORG by Andy and Joey
    Both perfect enders IMO.

  • Lee Dorsey - So Long

  • Galt MacDermott - Ripped Open by Metal Explosions (the version Egon put on that Kimarnock 45)

  • DeeRockDeeRock 1,836 Posts
    Akinyle - "Put it in your mouth"

    Al Green - "Let's Stay Together"

    Paul can u please hit me with mp.3 of the Paula and Carole in the Magic Garden jawn?

  • "Closing Time" by Semisonic or Neil Diamond's perennial, "Sweet Caroline".

  • asstroasstro 1,754 Posts
    For a long time I used the ODB version of "Good Morning Heartache". Good way to clear a room.

  • Sexual Healing / Marvin Gaye

    I usually throw on a steel drum cover of Sexual Healing as people are shuffling out.

  • piedpiperpiedpiper 1,279 Posts
    Jaques Palminger & Viktor Marek - T??deldub (Pudel Produkte)

  • Mike_BellMike_Bell 5,736 Posts
    Oh, I almost forgot...
    Mobb Deep-Party Over

  • since bars/clubs 'round these parts close at 3AM, I cant think of a better last song than Johnny Guitar Watson "Three Hours Past Midnight"

  • FrankFrank 2,370 Posts
    Since my parties used to end at dawn, this was always one of my favorite choices

  • willie nelson - "the party's over" is my really-though-i'm-finished-get-the-fuck-out song, but i usually wind down with "put it in your mouth", "juicy", one of the bigger marvin gaye joints, or "what you won't do for love"

  • Ju-Par Universal Orchestra "Time"

  • DJFerrariDJFerrari 2,411 Posts
    Curtis Mayfield - Move on Up

  • Depends.
    Last Saturday I closed with "Umi Says," but for years my favorite has been Big Youth's cover of "Hit the Road Jack."
    If its a rock set "Dirty Old Town" by The Pogues.

  • salviasalvia 279 Posts
    I usually play latin at the end of the night, so maybe Rodriguez' Oh That's Nice or Valentin's Keep the Faith.

  • Luchini-camp Lo

  • If its a rock set "Dirty Old Town" by The Pogues.


  • DrWuDrWu 4,021 Posts
    Dreamland- Wailers
    Look Sharp- Ocote Soul Sounds

  • risco connection - aint no stoppin us now

  • coselmedcoselmed 1,114 Posts
    btw did you know lesbians LOVE Bruce Springsteen?

    Oddly enough, lesbians also seem to like AC/DC, GnR, DMX, and whatever misogynistic hip-hop happens to be popular at the moment...The parallels between lesbians and strippers are quite striking.

    Nice job on having the gay night.

  • jdeezjdeez 638 Posts

  • spottieottiedopaliscious

    Spottieottie is also a favorite closer of mine.

    My friend would occasionally end a house weekly with herbert's "the audience"... the lyric "You and us together, together in this room" is perfection.

  • but i usually wind down with "put it in your mouth",..

    now, that's a proper send-off tune.

  • my last gig always asked me to play "More than Words"---the drunks would sing along while everyone else headed for the door---ill admit it helped to ease tensions at teh end of the night cause no fights would break out...
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