Vagina Dinner (rap/school project related)



  • TabaskoTabasko 1,357 Posts
    A pussy aint nothing but meat on a bone,
    you suck it, you fuck it, you leave it alone.

    Schoolly D

  • That Devin The Dude/Bizaare/Big Boi song..I know Big Boi mentions it(not sure about the others, I only heard it on a mixtape once or twice).

  • JustAliceJustAlice 1,308 Posts
    Shawnna: Get Some (head)

    Forgot about that one earlier....

  • ???If you will suck my soul, I will lick your funky emotions???
    -De La Soul ??? ???Millie Pulled a Pistol on Santa??? ??? De La Soul Is Dead


  • JimsterJimster 6,831 Posts
    Every day a schoolday on The Strut.
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