The Last Poets - "Right On!" (the movie)

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I really want to see this. I remember seeing some clips from it where Gylan Kain and Felipe Luciano were perfoming on a rooftop. shit. Is this available anywhere on DVD? I've googled around a bit, but there only seems to be a hard-to-find '93 VHS release. Has anyone here seen it?


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    hmmmm. I've never seen the DVD. But I've seen the VHS now in two independent "artsy" movie rental stores here in LA. It's a pretty badass movie and I highly recommend it.

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    This is better>>>>>> Bad Brains

  • pknypkny 549 Posts
    This is better>>>>>> Bad Brains

    Thanks for the link, this is beyond next level.

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    both are beyond comparison and both come highly recommended. That Bad Brains video is gonna be

  • seen the last poets movie...really really dope! I rented it years ago...when I was living in SB for, not sure where you can get it...

    on another note...has anyone seen "Black Wax" the Gil Scott Heron documentary....

    if you haven't seen it...that shit is...

    btw, does anyone have a copy of it? would love to cop that shit...

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    "Black Wax" is my shit too!!! Seeing Gil walk around with a huge boombox singing "it's the nations capital it's washington dc" is soooooo
    but the highlight is him and the amnesia express doing "Winter in America" live.

  • thanks for the info! and yes...him walking with that ghettoblaster on his so fucking hip hop...that movie is really dope (I saw it at the same time I saw the Al Green documentary...which was quite a dissapointment...acutally)

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    OK, it looks like it's going to be difficult for me to find it. The chances of any movie rental stores having it where I live are very slim to say the least.

    That Gil Scott-Heron docu sounds interesting. I just ordered it. Thanks for the heads up.

  • ahh, I just love it when the baseplayer and horn-section goes mental on "Waitin' for the axe to fall"
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