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Just getting my Shameless?? on...Sneakmove has been kind enough to host a mix club CD I put together a few months back--and I hope you all like it. Something for everyone, just about. African, hip hop, rock, r&b, 60s to now. Tracklist:1. "The Concept - Beat Down Mix (Unruly)" The Underground Trak Team2. "Clap (Unreleased)" Edison Victrola3. "Here It Is Featuring Time Machine (Glow-In-The-Dark)" Mekalek4. "Hand Clap (Virgin)" Bossman5. "These Are The Ghosts - 10" Undead Version (Astralwerks)" A Band Of Bees6. "Guitar Boy (Philips)" Sir Victor Uwaifo7. "Pink Floyd Live Bootleg Interlude (Wizardo)" Floyd Man, Floyd8. "Tighten Up (Brown Label Bootleg)" Thee Midniters9. "I Don't Think You Gonna Make It Featuring Marty Cash (Master Mind)" Precise And The Boys10. "This Record Is Now Missing From My Collection And I Can't Remember The Song Title" Dom Um Romano11. "...And More (Virgin/EMI)" CAN12. "UV (Dis-Joint)" The Connoisseurs13. "Feel So Good - Edison Victrola Remix (Unreleased)" Cinnamon14. "Run - Believe Remix (Unreleased)" Ghostface15. "Promise 2 Dance - Edison Victrola Rough Remix (Unreleased)" August Bodies16. "Love's Coming Down Featuring Ron Hall (Master Mind)" Precise And The Boys17. "Si La Vida Fuera Mia (Fontana)" Macho18. "Creeper's Funkatrations (Stax)" The Mar-Keys19. "Party Break Mix" Funkmaster Flex (Prod. Salaam Remi) & Masters At Work20. "Rainbow Ride (Steed)" Andy Kim21. "Feets And Hips - Version (Magnetic Fields)" The Sophistications22. "Sitar Soul (Blue Thumb)" Phil Upchurch23. "Em'ma (cellulOid)" Tour?? Kunda24. "They Were Wrong (Capsoul)" The Four MintsDownload it here: if you get arount to it, let me know what you think.-BELIEVE
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