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    I bought the "unofficial soundtrack" on the Lebowski Fest site a few years back.
    Here are the links. Pardon the various glitches & skips as this has been played to death. The soundbites & what-have-yous more than make up for it. If you want
    a thorough copy, you can probably still get one for 5 bones or clams, to use the parlance of our times. Enjoy!

    Tumblin Tumbleweeds
    "Ever thus to deadbeats"
    The Man in Me
    "Tattoo it on your forehead!"
    Mucha Muchaha
    I Hate You
    Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles
    Lacrimosa from Requiem in D Minor
    "Well, Dude we just don't know..."
    Hotel California
    Gluck Das Mir Verlieb
    "Dude, are you fuckin' this up?"
    Run Through the Jungle
    Behave Yourself
    Walking Song
    Traffic Boom (Logjammin')
    Standing on the Corner
    Sounds of the Whale
    "Nice Marmot"
    My Mood Swings
    CD 2:

    Lookin Out My Back Door
    Pictures at an Exhibition
    "See what happens, Larry?"
    Oye Como Va
    "Jackie Treehorn wants to see you"
    Piacere Sequence
    Just Dropped In
    "Stay out of Malibu"
    Peaceful Easy Feeling/Cab Ride
    I've Got it Bad
    "Brother Seamus?"
    Stampin Ground
    "He's Crackin'"
    Technopop (Wir Glauben an Nichts)
    "Donny who loved Bowling..."
    Dead Flowers
    Viva Las Vegas
    "Do ya have to use so many cuss words?" Or: The Big Lebowski in 8 Minutes
    Branded Theme Song

    didnt see this, thanks dude!

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    interesting article comparing lebowski to buddah

    Interesting comparison of The Dude and Buddha.

    However, a friend and I once interpreted that The Dude was the real nihilist in the movie, and not the kidnappers, as he doesn't really care about or believe in anything and just wants to be left alone. Maybe a subject for a lenghty dissertation ...

    That is really good - and the Big Lebowski could stand for the Kakavatti. Brilliant. Thanks for that link.
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