45 aficianados - what's in you listening/playout

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what's in the listening/playout cue

Barbara & Brenda - If I'm hurt you'll feel the Pain, solid soul stomper

The Tremelos - Instant Whip, rock, percusion marathon

Bobby Powell - Peace Begins Within, great tune on the Whit label 21st Century

Kenya - Electrostats, nice unique tune that I never get sick of

Bojangles - Natty Dub in Dreamland, stoned out dub madness

Errol James - My Heart is dubbed, great stoned out dubbed soul version



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  • dropping the wedding 45 set tomorrow. shouts to nrich on Aaron Collins:

    (You Got) What I Need- Freddie Scott

    Baby, I Love You- Aretha Franklin

    A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knockin' Every Day)- Martha Reeves & the Vandellas

    I Was Made to Love Her- Stevie Wonder

    You Hit the Spot- Aaron Collins

    Lover & A Friend- Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham

    You Made A Believer Out of Me- Ruby Andrews

    What A Man- Linda Lyndell

    and the lady's favorite 45 to close...

    She's Not Just Another Woman- The 8th day.

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    you bet man, sounds like a blast! congrats!

  • Got some cool 45s and mixes cued up (Chicago funk, other kinds of funk) for the next few weeks on the blog. I'm just not saying what they are yet....

  • some dancers
    gene chandler - there was a time
    lovelites - you better stop it
    the magic tones - together, we shall overcome
    emanuel lasky - don't lead me on baby
    the vibrations - pick me
    roscoe robinson - what you're doing to me
    bobby newton and tina blount - you're love grows sweeter everyday
    radiants - hold on
    tammi terrell - this old hear of mine (is weak for you)

    some slow jams
    the miracles - tracks of my tears
    willie walker - i love her
    joe graves - it's got to be for real
    the notations - i'm still here
    jean plum - back to you
    gene williams - don't let your love fade away
    marva taylor - nothing i'd rather be than your weekness

  • I am absolutely LOVING this Hunt's Determination Band ballad I found yesterday, 'Are We Through'. It's the flip to the rare vocal version of "I Need Love" So much harder than their LP output.

    Other things that have been getting spins:

    Sweet Groves and the Candy Man- "The Bridge"
    Johnny K & the Home Boys - "Screwdriver"
    Tyree Jones - "If You Feel It"
    Russ Lewis - "Brand New Recipe"
    Prince Ella Johnson - "What're You Doing to Me"
    The Sophisticates - "I Can't Stand It"
    Tempting Five - "I Can't Have You"
    King Roosevelt - "I Don't Care What You Do"
    Fantastic Cousins - "Come Down Junkie"


  • Russ Lewis - "Brand New Recipe"

    I flipped this thing over a month or two ago realizing I had never checked it out.."Love Made me Blue"

    some things:

    Senay "Gerdek Nerde" turkish fuzz bomb lady pop...with a drum break wah wah bukkake flourish at the end

    Mutantes "Top Top" fucking goofball tropicalia, killer guitar solo, b-boy drum and bongo breakdown, helium vocals

    Ann Robinson "you did it" top shelf sister soul

    Alice Clark "You got a Deal" I had only known of her mainstream LP until I heard this 45...raw, hittin sister soul for the dancefloor, great

    Hank Ballard "Blackenized/Come on Wit it" both sides of this winner are killer

    Dave Pike Set "Soul Eggs/Raga Jeeva Shwara" side one kinda needs to be pitched down, but it is a cool ass sleazy listening vibes and fuzz party, while the flip is another sitar groover a la "Mathar", although you wish you could of snuck in the studio when they were mixing this and turned the reverb off the drums, they get blurry towards the middle of the record

    Martha Reeves and the Vandellas "Show Me the Way" HARD ass girl group number, heavy dood

    Tony Joe White "Groupy Girl" yes, because of the show here I have been listenin' to the swamp fox a ittle more than usual and this a real tough one of his...firing on all cylinders on this one.

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    essence - chocolate lady : bad ass midtempo modern group soul ballad out of los angeles. weird writing connection with billy balls "african suspense" track.

    "you went away you made me whole world empty/you took your pretty face from me/you made me feel so good things you do/and all my love im giving up to you/chocolate lady, aw girl, come back to me"

    sounds of naptown - love is the answer/sweet music : hot damn! gotta thank yoder for this one. "love..." is a beautiful melodic and hypnotizing ballad. unfortunately for the vocals they are recorded incredibly low but the music is in your face. when those piano keys start getting loved i lose it. "sweet music" is one of the rawest, blaxplo film, speeding car chase, bboy floor rocking, drum exploding, siren sounding funk instrumental. upgrade please?!?!

    newcomers - too much going.../whole worlds a picture show : theres nothing overly amazing with this record but i LOVE both sides. makes me feel good... a ballad and a dancer... who can ask for anything more?

    apple and the 3 oranges - true love.../down home publicity : in my funk days i loved playing DHP for that country down home funk that they were laying down. however as i moved on from funk to those lovely ballads ive fallen for this double sider once again. i love those tracks where they dont just sang to you... they talk to you first and tell you whats on their mind before breaking it all down. does anyone have a copy NOT stained?

    myron cephas - its your life : ill modern soul from alabama. hes got three 45s that i know of. i love them all.

    scientists of soul - baby baby i love you/be's that-a-way sometimes : sometimes you need that simple guitar and group harmony to make the sun shine. i really dig the strong lead. the flip is a nice midtempo northern track.

    james t horn - glory bound train/your life depend : sick northern soul sounding gospel. god music that will have your finger snapping and toe tapping to the beat. beautiful ballad on the flip. out of buffalo ny.

    majestics - key to love : thanks to dante for upping me on this one. put this track on my wedding cd before i even had the vinyl. telling you this is one of the best tracks ive heard in years. the vocals kill me. real mellow at first and then the band comes in with this drummer and guitarist for the hook... and its over for me. wow...

    olatunjas spirit movers - my life has been nothing: i had this sitting in a box in my storage a few months back and i brought it home to give it a spin. it really blew me away. piano, electric guitar, male and female vocals, and its about jesus saving a man during open heart surgery. AWESOME! dr jesus yall...

    enchanted five - try a little love/have you ever : nice northern dancer with group vocals. "have you ever" is a great soul song. wonderful tune with piano, group harmonies, and a fantastic lead.

    metaphors - come on back/you have everything : this is in my top 10 favorite 45s. both sides, vocals and music, are perfect to me. i love the sadness in their harmonies but nod my head to the splash of drums, piano and guitar behind them. its not even sung that great... and i think thats why i love it. its fucking brilliant...

  • Russ Lewis - "Brand New Recipe"

    I flipped this thing over a month or two ago realizing I had never checked it out.."Love Made me Blue"

    ha. That's actually the song I've been listening to, but could only remember the name of the A-side. Tough, tough ballad.

  • some things of the past week :

    - nino ferrer / la bande a ferrer part 1 & 2 (barclay)
    - kitty montgomery / hey boy (sanns)
    - dyke & the blazers / you are my sunshine (original sound)
    - the ideals / the gorilla (cortland)
    - marsha hunt / hot rod poppa (polydor)
    - betty everett / i've got a claim on you (one derful)
    - steve colt / dynamite (big beat)
    - african echoes / big time (phil-la of soul)

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    great picks.

    ... this thread aint close to being over

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    I often do at least half if not more of my sets on O.G. 45.

    Some must plays
    All the People - Cramp Your Style
    Dyke and the Blazers - Let a Woman be a Woman...
    Lyn Collins - Think About It
    Hank Carbo - Bad Luck
    Miles Grayson - Stuck in the Mud
    Ike & Tina - Bold Soul Sister
    Village Callers ??? Hector
    Johnny Holiday ??? Nobody Loves Me But My Mama
    Willard Burton & The Funky Four ??? Funky In Here
    Jesse Fisher ??? Super Funky Pt. 2
    Wisdom ??? What Cha Gonna Do About You
    Hank Jacobs ??? The World Needs Changin
    Louis Chachere ??? The Hen Pt. 2
    Anakondas ??? Wheedle???s Groove
    4th Coming ??? The Dead Don???t Die Alive
    Bobby Byrd - I Know You Got Soul
    Ripple - Funky Song
    Brother to Brother - The Bottle
    Gaturs - Cold Bear
    Honey Drippers - Impeach the President
    Betty Harris - There's A Break in the Road
    Bobby Rush - Chicken Heads
    Reuben Bell - Leave My Kitten Alone
    Sly Johnson - Different Strokes
    Rufus Thomas - The Breakdown
    JB's - The Grunt

    ...for starters.

  • Oliver St. Patrick w/Phyllis Dillon - "Tulips (from heaven)"

    Derrick Morgan - "Tears on my pillow"

    Soulettes - "King Street"

    Don Drummond - "Burning Torch"

    Nora Dean - "Mojo Girl"

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    Gino Washington - Puppet on a String is getting seriously worn out

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    If I ever stop listening to/playing out Bill Withers' "Kissing My Love," you'll know I'm either dead or deaf.

  • Played an all 45 garage/soul set the other night (first time in a while).
    A few I can remember:

    The Satisfied Minds - I Can't Take It
    The Rugbys - You I
    Nino Ferrer - Mirza
    The Mod Singers - I've Got to Space
    Los Shains - Au Go Go
    Dorothy Norwood - Get Aboard the Soul Train
    The Kinks - Well Respected Man
    Otis Redding - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
    Count Five - Psychotic Reaction
    Johnny Otis - Willie and the Hand Jive
    The Jet Stream - Crazy Me
    Etta James - Seven Day Fool
    Jean Knight - Do Me
    The Mohawks - The Champ
    Little Denise - Check Me Out

  • Just back from playing tunes in the pub, including these on 45:

    Lee Dorsey - Give it Up
    Dorando - Didn't I
    Maxine Sellers - Some Kind of Fever
    France Gall - Zozoi
    The Interpretations - Blow Your Mind
    Ricardo Marrero and the Group - Babalonia
    Curtis Green - I Just got to Get Down
    Kellee Patterson - I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little Bit More, Baby
    Marvin Gaye - Got to Give it Up
    Jimmy Cobb - So Nobody Else Can Hear
    Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum and Durr - Your Love Keeps Drawing me Closer
    James Rivers - Tighten Up
    Googie Rene - Smokie Joe's La La
    Jon Lucien - Search for the Inner Self

    Finished the night sitting in a big pile of used tissues, my nose just would not stop running.

    Sorry, I've no audio and I'm too tired to write descriptions just now, but any queries will be dealt with tomorrow.

  • France Gall - Zozoi

    plaese to send this one to Memphis plaese. thank you.

  • Gino Washington - Puppet on a String is getting seriously worn out

    The flip, "Gino is a Coward", is no slouch either!

  • Tommy Raye - You Dont Love Me (Pen) wailin deep r&b. covered by Dawn Penn, or is this a cover too?

    Mike & The Censations - There Is Nothing I Can Do About It (Highland) cheap and killer lowrider jamz that my old lady hipped me to.

    Para-monts - Come And Go With Me Now (Ole) slammin local northern mid tempo chunes with unique style.

    Marsha & The Delwands - This Time Im Gonna Win (Zudan) stoner soul that I can really get down with. man.

  • Played these 45s at the Ian Svenonius/Calvin Johnson gig a few weeks past. The dancefloor was pretty much on fire from the Marva Whitney track onward.

    Satin Bells: Come C'mon
    Les Flechettes: Les Gens
    Herbert Leonard: Cher Monsieur Fantaisie
    Peggy March: Doktor
    Shocking Blue: Harley-Davidson
    Los Buenos: De Mi Nina
    Stone: Le Jour La Nuit (You Won't See Me)
    Springwell: It's For You
    Moving Sidewalks: What Are You Going To Do
    Los Brincos: El Pasaporte
    Sharon Tandy: Hold On
    Alec: Prete-Moi Tes Cles Saint Pierre
    Marva Whitney: Daddy Don't Know About Sugar Bear
    Mitty Collier: Get Out
    Vigon: The Spoiler
    Jocy: Dans Les Dix Premiers
    Eddy Mitchell: Otis (Hard To Handle)
    Vigon: Harlem Shuffle
    Los Mitos: Coge Mi Mano
    Jun Mayuzumi: Black Room
    Los Albas: Bugulu
    Rita Pavone: Il Geghege
    Shadows of Knight: Shake
    Jenny Rock: Le Train Pour Memphis
    Harvey Scales & The Seven Sounds: The Yolk
    Los Bravos: Bring A Little Lovin'
    Eddie Mitchell: Aie!!!!
    Billie Davis: I Want You To Be My Baby
    The Equals: Green Light
    Jacques Dutronc: Le Responsible
    Wess & The Airedales: I'll Never Turn My Back On You
    Billy Joe Young: The Push
    Cindy & Bert: Der Hund Von Baskerville

  • aw man those first two got me!


    sunny - its ok
    carol hughes - dont turn your back on me
    los blue angels - me piden
    tommy james - i dont wanna cry
    dustball - uh, i forget the name of teh song but its good sissy brit pop out of oxford
    noah reign - cows milking machine. dudes has any of youz heard this? i mean its crap but its dude singing about how he hooked his milking machine up to his pee pee

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    Cindy & Bert: Der Hund Von Baskerville

    This is a funk song about Hound of the Baskervilles??

    If at all possible, an MP3 would be more than appreciated!!


    I'll swap you a sweet Ronnie Bird MP3...

  • Cindy & Bert: Der Hund Von Baskerville

    This is a funk song about Hound of the Baskervilles??

    Better. It's female-sung, Hammond-drenched cover of Black Sabbath's "Paranoid."

    In German.

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    Tommy Raye - You Dont Love Me (Pen) wailin deep r&b. covered by Dawn Penn, or is this a cover too?

    I always thought this was a Willie Cobbs original, but I could be mistaken. Also Bo Diddley has a track called "She's Fine, She's Mine" that is nearly the exact same song. Which came out first, I'm not too sure about. My favorite verson may be the female fronted Kim & Grim's.

  • *Monterey's - Get Down (NGC)
    meat and potato's florida funk. i guess jazzman's doing a re of this soon.

    *Continental Express Band - Struggling to the Top / Lady on my Mind (MOONRAKER)
    d.c. late funk, fucking awesome and almost totally unknown it seems. the ballad has some ruthless falsetto shit as well. lotusland may reish this.

    *TSU Toronado's - Got to get Through to You (ATLANTIC)
    the perfect sound i look for, stellar group soul that becomes a dancefloor funk bomb at about +3.

    *George Smallwood - Touching is my Thing (Smallwood)
    this dude, vocally, could hang with any of the greats. i guess you have to be good to pull off lines like 'i like superstars and sports' and make them sound soulful.

    *Keither Florence and Associates - Future / Free
    gorgeous modern soul on one side and pharmaceutical instro on the other.

    *Grace - Inside Your Dreams (KEF)
    mixed group freakbeat dancefloor funk bomb from NYC. anyone else ever seem this one?

    *125th St Candy Store - The Tables are Turned (UPTITE)
    for the ballad tossers.


  • picks out of yesterdays dj box (Djs Henry Storch, Soulrabbi, Pun, Soulinus & myself):

    saturday afternoon home picks:


  • Jeanie Greene 'Sure As Sin' Atco
    Marsha Wilson 'Love Is Gonna Get You' Quadrastone
    King Solomon 'If I Were A Strong Man' Stanson
    Susan King 'Morning' Toy
    Gloria Taylor 'How Can You Say It' Selector Sound
    The Florida Spiritualaires 'I Remember When' Ernie's
    Jean & Donnella 'Get Ready' Carries
    Sojourner Truth 'Summertime' Black Soul
    Rastafari 'In A Garden' Satril

  • Lately......

    The Voice Masters "You Hurt Me Baby"
    Jimmy Mc Cracklin "Get Together"
    Eddy Jacobs Exchange "Pull My Coat"
    Harvey Scales "The Yolk "
    Frankie Newsome "Dont Mess With My Lovemaker" pt 2
    James Brown "Cant stand it (when you touch me)"
    James Fountain "My Hair is Nappy"
    Maskman and the Agents "Stand Up"
    Caprells "Close your Eyes"
    Mercy Men "You Made it Thunder"

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    45 Favourites I've played out lately:

    Wynder K Frog 'Green Door' (Island) Up-tempo hammond cover of the hit Shakin Stevens made popular. This version has few lyrics, but the original is a song about a straight guy trying to get into a lesbian nightclub.

    Mighty Joe Drake 'Get Out Of My Life Woman' (Kapp) Uptempo version of... with no break! Great garage/beat-group with screaming vocals.

    Julian Covey & The Machine 'Sweet Bacon' (Island) Similar ilk to the above records in sound, amazing electric guitar on this dancer.

    The Beuna Vistas 'Here Come Da Judge' (Marquee) Uptempo, mostly intrumental heavy funk cover of this hit... "veeery interesting"

    45 Favourites I've been listening to at home:

    Jimmy Tate 'Please Come Back' (Mid-Tune) Dante charted this in an early issue of Big Daddy. Glorious horns at the intro, solid bass at a hip-hop tempo, sweet backing vocals... soulful r&b.

    Chris Craft & MF Doom 'Hooks Is Extra' (Shaman Work) This is the Spark-the-Sound EP with a Doom production on the flip. Both songs are magic.
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