New Funk Weapons Release - AGFA "Super Jam"

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A-Side: All Good Funk Alliance ???Super Jam??? and ???Call it??? B-Side: All Good Funk Alliance ???Super Jam??? (Flow Dynamics Remix) (go to Flow Dynamics site to check out his remix) The All Good Funk Alliance are back to the dance-floor, after releasing the heady hip hop album Social Comment the boy's decided it was time to bring the heat. Super Jam is just what it sounds like, up-tempo funk infused breaks with plenty of horns and rolls that will rock any floor it touches. This song has been the center-piece of AGFA???s dj sets for a while now and it never fails to get the party started, trust me I???ve seen it in action and it???s no joke. Flow Dynamics remixes the track, keeping the vibe of the original but adding extra vocals, scratches and little touches that really bring his remix over the top. A-Skillz has already charted Flow???s remix, and he is currently using it on his mix cd with Fingerlickin??? so you know its right on time. We also provided the perfect mid-tempo song ???Call it???, which is another b-boy fest full of everything you have come to expect from Funk Weapons. for further info contact [email][/email] / / Artwork by Dr. Delay Much Thanks to A-Skillz and Fingerlickin Recordings for pushing this jam worldwide
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