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Come to the Monty for some sushe.Ruby RIP


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    I'll be up there in 3 weeks. I can't wait to eat!!!!

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    Quebec gold

    Every sunday

    Only one


    I hate the Tam Tams! I do hit up the mountain on sunday's, but only the hidden paths on the cemetary side.

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    most definitely tipping this to the memory...

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    It better still be appreciable. I’m moving to QC in Feb/March. Any tips other than wrap warm? Is it true they have rivers of maple syrup? Can I ride a moose to work? What’s poutine?

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    It better still be appreciable. I’m moving to QC in Feb/March. Any tips other than wrap warm? Is it true they have rivers of maple syrup? Can I ride a moose to work? What’s poutine?

    T actual F!

    Is that via The Bird?  I guess if she tires of the cold it's straight back to Barca.  Gutted I missed you last time I was over, might get all Iberian in November for a weekend, nothing sorted yet.  

    Good luck either way blud.


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    Amazing!  Which city?

    Worst time to move.  You might encounter an ice storm on the way in.

    Don't bother bringing your records over - just build a new collection in Montreal.


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    I spent new year's in Quebec City one year and it was by far the most cold I've ever felt. It was still lovely though, the old city covered up by 8 ft of snow is pretty nice. Had lots of good food too, from what I remember. Was supposed to spend one day in Montreal on the way out but wound spending that entire day on the highway in the middle of an ice storm driving at approx 5 mph

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    Girlfriend yes - she's just got a job with a lab in Quebec city she's super excited about. Some 4 year Canada genome project or something. I dunno. Science. For me it's a bit weird that after 5 years in BCN, career-wise I'll be starting at zero again. Might get lucky and find some English teaching work, or maybe I'll get really lucky and have to work in a bar. Or a record shop. Who knows. Brisbane, Oz had been on her radar, and while I was excited by the prospect, the distance was a little bit off-putting. Now I'm 7.5 hours away from UK for Chrimbo, and 3 hours away from my dad down in Memphis, which is full of win as he's pretty sick right now, so if I do need to make a quick flight it's a possibility. The cold? I'm gonna be walking round like John fucking Snow in a bear-skin cloak. It's nae problem lads. Whisky works like anti-freeze.
    We're both actually really looking forward to it for quality of life reasons - ignoring differences in weather, food, and culture, we'd never be able to afford to buy property in Barcelona, so the idea of being able to at least start off with renting a house and consider buying if we stay for long enough is a novel experience, and believe it or not, when you live in BCN, the constant bustle and traffic gets a bit much. Coming from Oxford, I really miss space, parks, green. She's been in the city for 8-9 years and ready for a change too.


    Actually scared to open that link Ketan.


    How possible is it to get by with minimal French? (I'm talking minimal, but functional enough to order a drink (priorities and all that)).


    Not sure if pot legalisation is a good thing or not.


    Let me know if you do make another visit this way Jimster.

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    vis a vis le french: I visited with my American gf at the time, we got by just fine speaking english. I speak high-school level french, but the only time someone bugged us about it was when an old man harangued me at a bar yelling IL FAUT PARLER FRANÇAIS. Sounds creepy but it was actually in good spirit.

    I don't think they're snobs about their language the same way the catalans are. But if you've been working on your spanish/catalan this whole time, you're basically 3/4 of the way to french anyway.

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    They will definitely appreciate you trying to speak, and like P said, it won't be hard to be parle-ing francais. 

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