Friday 8/25 12" vs. 7" SOUNDCLASH w/15 DJ's in NYC

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hey strutters-tonight me and my partner shakewell are djing at Smallchange's massive party at Galaxie in Ridgewood on the edge of Queens and Bushwill, Brooklyn. the space looks dope and has free bowling! the theme is 12" singles verses 7"s. i'm representing 12"s...peter gunn will be doing the same.see you therecrazypoprock/duckcomb/p*****kThis FRYDAY. BE THURR! The ultimate monster truck of vinyl throw down, where the purists finally have a forum to duke it out and shit on each other's genres. Let the 45 heads build the disco bonfire they always wanted. Let the 12" folks s mash those outdated rusty dusties. That's right, the little rekkids with the big holes VS the while label promo fetishists. Disco/electro/haus vs soul/funk/garage. And maybe a few other genres mixed in for good measure. Will there be a weiner? Just like on Ren and Stimpy, 'whoever writes the BEST poem, wins!' And with a golf sized cast of 18 musical laureates presiding over the decks it should be super stoopid. Bring your platform or bowling shoes. Ben Sherman or Members Only. Fat Laces or Desert Boots. Tapered pants or track suits. Nik Nik or Fred Perry. Mod vs Boogie. There can only be TWO winners. We'll let you deicide which one you like. Yes I like death metal I just don't know shit about it. Perhaps a future 'VS' theme. $mall ??hange and Lupe Loop presente: vs vS VS Vs vs Versus. 7" VS 12" The small rekkids with the big hole peeps vs the white label promo festishists. Friday August 25th. 10ish til somewhat extremely late (who knows?) Five fucking measly dollars for 18 friggin' DJs. 2 Floors. Bowling. Pinball. Visuals. Drinking. Dancing. You. @ Galaxie Nightclub 55-07 Metropolitan Ave. Ridgewood, Brooklyn directions below... check out our fucking fancy as fuck flavourPIL listing! For the Sevens: Greg Tormo DJ Hardtop Alec D. (APT) Lex (Discovery) Jeff Dynamite, Quincy, Leon (Truth and Soul) Soul Cracker and Inbetween $mall ??hange For the Twelves: DJ Fingersnap Ron Morelli (Reagan Disco Headache) Pappawheelie (Electrodiscopunks) Lupe Loop and Alfredo Shakewell and Duckcomb (Sharegroove) Benguin and Simonetti (Rubulad, Troubleman Unlimited) Peter Gunn (Pure Fire) plus some person doing visuals. Damn I forgot who it is but it will be really really cool. I hope. Probably. No really! How to get thurr: We are about a 10 minute drive from williamsburg. It is worth the trip. New underground venue, 2 floors, 2 separate sound systems, bowling lanes, lounges, space-age vibe, pinball, and a very care-free attitude. Unfourtunately, we aren't very close to the train. Car service from Williamsburg or Greenpoint is about $8 TRAINS - Take the JMZ to Myrtle Ave, from there take the M to Forest Ave. (about a 10-12 block walk from there)or take the L to dekalb. (about a 12 block walk) The Q54 bus goes down Grand Ave. to Metropolitan Ave. Get off at the first stop after you pass mcdonalds.
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