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I'm stopping into Nashville on the way back from FL next week. Any good places to go for good records?


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    It's been over four years since I was in Nashville, but I copped some nice bits in The Great Escape on Broadway - not too expensive, either. If you're there near a weekend, they have another store a few doors down from the main one, which is open on Friday and Saturday only, and where everything's a dollar. If you're prepared to set aside a few hours, it might end up being worth the effort. I found some nice stuff in there, too, and generally in good shape.

    The other end of Broadway, up by the c&w bars and guitar stores, is Lawrence Records. When I was in there, there was a lot of good stuff in quantity, often sealed, but maybe a little on the expensive side. I caught a few Lou Rawls & Jimmy Smith albums in there. Again, no idea what it's like now, but they seemed to have multiples of just about everything. Obviously, there's shitloads of country everywhere, but I only ever saw one Bobbie Gentry album and one Tony Joe White album the whole time I was out there.

  • Phonoluxe: Take I-440 and exit at Nolensville Rd. Head South for a block or two and it's on your right. Great selection of used LPs on the cheap side.

    Great Escape is always fun.

  • I wish i had more info than just the name, but i'm sure you can google it... There's a spot called Grimey's, and the selection in there is quite good... not too pricey, and it's mostly quality stuff. if i recall corectly, there weren't too many 45s though. but i was real stoned last time i was there, so i may have missed them. i did however find a grip of early Biggie 12s for like a buck a pop.

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    Going Sat thru Wed, any record store suggestions for 2017?
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