how do you get a paypal refund...?

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ok, so every other day there's a post here about someone who had an ebay customer take back their paypal payments (usually a scam on the buyer's half). i just bought something on ebay which was clearly broken before having shipped it and after writing the seller, i can tell that this isn't going anywhere... i don't want to rip this person off, quite the contrary, it seems that they're trying to get me to budge, and all i want is what i paid for/was promised in the auction. it seems that in order for me to get my money back, i'm going to have to go over his head and directly through paypal... if anyone could please give me some advice as far as the best way to go about this, i would be very grateful... what sucks is that this was for a birthday present that i now doubt i'll have ready in time. thanks in advance, dudes...


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    you have to file a dispute in paypal. Pull up your past transactions........

    most importantly, you only have 45 days from payment date to file. Once that is up, you're SOL.

  • ive been in that unfortunate boat before too my friend.

    it sucks.

    you have to start a dispute w/ paypal detailing what happened. they then try to contact seller, get their side whatever, then ask if you want to escalate it to a claim after x number of days, which you will want to do. its a pretty easy process, just slooooooooow.

    heers the bullschitt part: paypal takes $15 for "investigating" on your behalf, hopefully whatever you bought is over 15 dollars enought to make this worthwhile for you. i got back 3.50 from a 45 (18.50) that i never saw/got a response from seller. fun to pay 15 bucks to waste my time w/ paypal. good times.
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