Hitchcock and Hitch influenced films



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    Rebecca (no one else has love for this film??).

    Yes. While I've seen a large part of Hitcock's films, this was missing on my list until I saw it just two months ago. Classic Hitchcock.

    Am I wrong or could the Manderlay Estate be considered the set design blueprint for all "trapped in a spooky old mansion" films since then?

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    rope is great and kinda weird and restrained for a hitchcock flick. watched that this weekend too

    anyway, how great is this Polish poster for Vertigo? i like how there is a spiral on the skull to symbolize vertigo.

  • never heard of this one before I love Mr. MacMurray in Double Indemnity so I will have to go seek.

    it's ridiculous that Double Indemnity
    isn't available on DVD.
    i wonder what the roadblock is?

    *edit* hold the phones, it's being released on Aug 22. nice!

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    my faves are probably Psycho (obvious, but damn it doesn't get much better) Notorious, and Rebecca (no one else has love for this film??).

    Yeah it's a proper piece of gothic meoldrama. Would have been interesting if they'd risked going with the novel's original ending where i believe


    He did actually murder his wife rather than her die in an accident


    Still highly enjoyable film and, i believe pretty unusually for Hitchcock, told from a female point of view.
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