Classic House 4 Ya’ll...

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WUT UP BIATCHES!Just dropping a new post, comin' from the other one. Not all of these were huge bangers, but classics all the same! I'm surprised there aren't more "house" music posts. It's got just as much "soul" as any other type of music we post about. Mind you, I don't listen to anything newer than 97-98. So shut up and post some songs right?Hope some of you like these... I'm all over the board as far as stylez and years. Ceybil - Love So Special ARMANDO - 100% OF DISIN YOU HardDrive - DEEP INSIDE LIL LOUIS - I'M HOT FOR YOU ALYUS - FOLLOW ME EDDIE AMADOR - HOUSE MUSIC The Don - The Horn Song Nightmares On Wax - Dextrous #1 FRESH TUNES - DO YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN NIGHTCRAWLERS - PUSH THE FEELING MARSHALL JEFFERSON - MOVE YOUR BODY


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