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what do you guys set your weight, height and anti-skating to on your 1200's?


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    1 piece Hubba Bubba with 7 tic-tacs. When you do a spinback it should spin like "fllllllrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppp" for at least 3 seconds.

  • what kinda needles you usin?

    music? scrachie-scratch?

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    i have shure m447s and i do scratches sometimes but not very often

  • prolly round 3.5-4 grams will keep ur needles down well, depending on how nimble you are. height-wise, the tonearm is 'sposed to run parallel to the vinyl while playing, but alot of the time your cartridge will scrape set like that. run it around 4-5 and it will reduce skipping w/o tearing up your raers. antiskate dosnt seem to effect my ish too much, i think its around 2.

  • another trick I learned if you wanna run more weight without ruining your records is to set the little lifter doohickey thing( that lifts needle up ). look at it from straight above and you'll see a small screw (flathead i believe) if you twist that, it'll raise the tonearm lifter thing. if you tweak it right, you can keep that supporting your tonearm while scratching so you can put alot of weight w/o too much pressure on the actual stylus. takes some practice to set up right, but will keep the cartridge off your records and keep skips low...

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    thanks harry you're a good man
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