Aussie Hip Hop Videos

kicks79kicks79 1,320 Posts
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Here are a couple of recent oz hip hop videos for you guys. I'd be pretty intrested what you all think.


  • djsheepdjsheep 3,640 Posts
    The first video on that list, is my group THE OPTIMEN. I DJ for those suckers on tour now... JYEAH!


  • phatmoneysackphatmoneysack Melbourne 1,124 Posts
    How could you do a post about aussie hip hop videos and not mention the new Funkoars clip!

    that shit is fire!

    edit: This is the first time I've seen/heard any of the new def wish shit!! DOOOOOPPPPEEEE!!!!

  • kicks79kicks79 1,320 Posts
    I didn't want to overload the soul strut board.
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