2 New Funk Weapons out now..TTLAB review

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Nice review for fellow struter Delay.... Dr Delay aka Tom Thumz comes with a high quality, eclectic EP on the steady-rocking Funk Weapons label. "Rule of Thumb Pt. 1(1)" is built on my favorite type of midtempo foundation. It has a subtle intro that allows for... expand review a lot of creative mixing opportunities before the break drops and then proceeds to go through several shifts and drops while still sounding more compositional than cut & paste. "Pt. 2(2)" starts off really strong with a cowbell laden beat that lifts the horns and vocal samples to new heights. Doubles would be a great choice in the right hands. This track would make for a great transition record from a funk break set into some Latin bombas. Watch that half time chop at the end! Great beat sensibilities on this record. David Castillo steps in for a remix(3) that sticks with the original breaks, but gives it a washed out psyche feel that makes me want to do tequila shots with the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man on a Brooklyn rooftop. The final listed song is my pick for the set. "Filth(4)" is a bounce cut with some new ideas that are working. I can feel the Doctor's recent Psycrunk mix cd coming into play on this one. It could take you out of some dubstep or into some Southern shit equally effectively. I love records that give you so many options, especially when you don't use Serato and like to keep things eclectic. Save some space in that crate for that new Timberlake record that you hate to love! There is also a nice bonus cut that is unlisted and will remain nameless so you get a little reward like the Reese's Pieces at the bottom of your Friendly's Conehead Sundae. New England, stand up! -Telekinetic Kat Former Wiseguys and Bronx Dogs member DJ Regal bakes up some break pies for the people on the Funk Weapons label. If you're into the big drum midtempo stuff, you can never really grab too many of these releases. Especially... expand review because there is a consistent attention to detail, quality and dancefloor awareness that goes into each of these records. "Shock Ya' Mind(1)" is a great song to start off a set with as it will bring people onto the floor gradually without blasting those who aren't loose (aka drunk) enough yet out of the room. The Flow Dynamics Remix(2) is my pick with the more pronounced break and the impeccably placed vocals of Eleanora Tomahu to give it that hot soul injection. The final cut is nice and stretched out over the entire B-side. It's aptly titled "Rock the Funky Beat(3)" and would work well with the new Hydroponic Soundsystem EP that's been blowing spots lately.


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    hi rusty.

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    Hey back at you Thumbs... The review for your new EP, was really nice. Almost as nice as your slice, kid.

  • dj regal choon sold out at the shop in 2 days, krafty kuts was just in town and
    bought a copy as well

    keep that shit comin boyeee!!!
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