Uptempo mix with some struters in the mix

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All Good Funk Alliance Dance-floor Ballistics Dj Mix Summer 2006 http://www.funkweapons.com/music/AGFA-dancefloorballistics.mp3 All Good Funk Alliance Sock it to ya (Instrumental) Unreleased All Good Neighborhood Romeo Satay Beef Curtains Unreleased All Good Funk Alliance Super Jam (Deeper Unreleased Version) All Good Funk Alliance Blastin Unreleased Neighborhood Romeo West Side Slide Homebreakin Unreleased All Good Funk Alliance Top Brass Unreleased Neighbor B-Boy Final Homebreakin Unreleased Bronx Dogs Mixed Blood (Mambo Rock) Marble Bar Records D.I. White Label Nickfonkinson So Fresh Unreleased Smalltown Djs vs. Heavy D We got our own thingy Beatfanatic Boom Bangin Soundscape All Good Funk Alliance Call It Funk Weapons AFA-FW11 All Good Funk Alliance REC Funk Weapons AFA-FW13 Dj Day Gone Bad MPM Hawkeye Kicked in the Nuts MPM Rephrase Chase the Tail (AGFA Remix) Knowfowl Music Dj Wood Eye Know Demo Version Unreleased AGFA would like to thank Neighborhood Romeo, Nickfonkinson, Smalltown Djs, and Dj Wood, for letting us use there fantastic music on this promo mix. Big ups to all our peeps... Thanks for all the support, love and kindness. Big ups to Victoria, Vancouver, Whistler, Calgary, Toronto, Atlanta, Dallas, San Fran., Baltimore, Richmond, Miami, and of course VA/DC for booking us this year.. Mad Respect Big up to Delay for his constant vision and helping push the label forward this year, we couldnt have done it without you. http://www.myspace.com/nickfonkynson, http://www.myspace.com/smalltowndjs, http://www.myspace.com/waxromeo, http://www.myspace.com/homebreakin http://www.homebreakinrecords.com Contact Information E-mail address [email]funkweapons@yahoo.com[/email] Web address www.funkweapons.com
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