Day's of Icy Fingers? (rr)

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so i was flipping thru my 45's today and found something that i completely forgot about...this kpm promo with stamps and typewriter...just states the track "day's of icy fingers" on the label, no artist, no further information (besides the kpm stamp). all i was able to find out that this track was obviously performed by engelbert and maybe buddy greco (his song is called "day of icy fingers" anyway) but soundfile nowhere to be found. it's most unlikely that it's one of the above named, just wanted to compare to the version that is featured on this kpm. could anyone hook me up with a soundfile? and even better, drop some knowledge on the kpm single?thanks.


  • huh? 4x views? no post? dammit.
    additional info until i can provide a soundfile: version comes with vocals!

  • SoulificSoulific 103 Posts
    Sorry. Can't help you. But you might call Rafael on thisone. Or should I?

  • finally!
    a soundclip.
    now drop some knowledge and/or appreciation.
    oh, yeah, quality of the recording is pretty bad due to actual setup and record is yet to be cleaned.
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