White Lady/ Vulcan To Play Black Woman In Movie

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this story just screamed soulstruthttp://channels.netscape.com/celebrity/celebgossip.jsp?feature=ce_cel_05232006Former "Star Trek: Enterprise" regular Jolene Blalock is playing a black woman in the upcoming indie feature, "Slow Burn," with LL Cool J and Ray Liotta. Innumerable unemployed African-American actresses will be up in arms as to why the "Slow Burn" producers opted to cast a white woman to play a black woman, but Blalock says she didn't even question it."I thought it was a challenge that was a rare opportunity, and I was certainly not going to question why. I was just going to tackle it head-on."The actress best known as the austere but sensual Vulcan Science Officer, Sub Commander T'Pol, on "Enterprise," says to prepare for the role "took some finessing for me. Obviously I don't live my moment-to-moment, day-to-day as a black woman, so I stripped it down and started from there. I took away all the stereotypes and kept it really raw, just sane, nothing over the top, nothing clich??."To completely transform herself into a black woman, Blalock says she worked on moving differently in her body, and "the makeup and hair people gave me a weave and colored my skin. And the director of photography, who also did our lighting, lit me in a way that it came across."Blalock, who also stars in Lifetime's "Dream Me A Murder" telepic airing on June 4, saw "Slow Burn" for the first time at The Toronto Film Festival. She says her first thought upon seeing herself as a black woman on the big screen was "It's not me.' It was bizarre. But it turned out pretty good. It was a lot of fun and I'm really proud of it."


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