MP3 REQUEST: ODB "baby i got ya money"

bobbydeebobbydee 849 Posts
edited June 2006 in Strut Central
Anybody have the dirty acapella of this? I can find plenty of versions of the clean, even bought a 12 off the bay which i was assured "was the dirty version" but no joy.1000x thankyou in advance.


  • are the words blanked out????? cause if it's just like... tihs...kcuf.. you can reverse it on a cpu program.

  • jaymackjaymack 5,198 Posts
    ya ever thought one may not exist?

  • bobbydeebobbydee 849 Posts
    Yeah the words are just left out... i'm fairly sure it exists in one form or another, i've heard a bootleg of it (possibly MF doom but im not 100% on that)

    Thanks anyway guys, any imput is appreciated.
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