rain-soaked CDs question

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So apparently my roof began leaking last night while I was out and when I woke up today this stack of CDs on my window sill was drenched. All the little CD jackets and tray liners are wet, and I'm drying them by hand -- is there any way these *won't* end up all shrively and with the pages stuck together, or am I just fooling myself?


  • press them between two heavy flat objects. if they're already crumpling up, get them damp again and do this.

    you could also wait til they're damp and iron them. DO NOT put the iron in contact with the liners. use wood underneath the paper, and a piece of material between the paper and the iron. tried and tested.

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    I was doing a show at a college arena this weekend, and during set-up I dropped 2 cds underneath the pit. I djed the show Friday and Saturday night. After Saturdy's show, I told one of the stagehands, and she crawled down to get them.

    As she was walking towards me she told me they had fallen in "a little" hydraulic fluid and gave them to me. They were covred in oil, and are still wrapped in a towel in my suitcase. Pretty nasty.

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