Enchufada crew MP3 mix..

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http://www.jazzpicante.com/sounds/JazzPicanteSession28.mp3 Not your Frequency Pulling back from the future Mind Duo Ouro Negro Ondyaya Orfeu R??o Kyao Zau EMI Uni??o Black Black Rio Strut Very Nice Intro (Com??cio dos loucos)/Destra pra outra Unavox Banda Black Rio Gafieira universal Strut Duo Ouro Negro Aruanda/Aruanda?? Orfeu Manuel Gomes B?? ta coi na ele MCD Mark de Clive-Lowe feat Lady Alma Keep it moving Recloose rx Funk of fury Rosalia de Souza Jogo de roda The Invisible Session Innervision mix Schema Big Bang Sweet Y sour 4Hero rx Arision Hint Got a pulse Tru Thoughts ??Brasil! Carcara Premier Cru Orlann Divo Samba em paralelo Musidisc Speedometer Wilderness part 1 Counter Point Feature Warriors feat. Papa Zai Pembe part 1 Farout Upcoming to Jazz Picante radio session for this new year 2006, oldies sounds from Lusofonia and some brand new future sounds: Duo Ouro Negro, R??o Kyao, Banda Black Rio, Manuel Gomes, Recloose rx of MDCL and Lady Alma???s Keep it Moving, Hint???s new prod on Tru Thoughts, NYC label 1er Cru featuring their 70???s Brazilian treasure discovery Carcara???Enjoy! Directly from the Enchufada crew in Lisbon comes a progressive take on electronic african rhythm Kuduro, from Angola. With Lil???John and Kalaf upfronting this live take at Clube Mercado we bring you a set of original productions for a new sound of Lisbon!!! http://www.jazzpicante.com/sounds/JazzPicanteSession28.m3u
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