Some hip hop pieces for trade...

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Here's a list of random hip hop joints that could use a good home... If interested, hit me up with a pm and we can engage in nerdy trade banter...All are OG presses:1st Down[/b] -- "A Day wit the Homiez" b/w "Front Street" (early Jay Dee production)45 King[/b] -- "The Lost Breakbeats - Test Press" EP/LP (Tuff City banger with a cut featured on Chairman Mao's Underground Railroad mix)Alps Cru[/b] -- "Just Can't Explain" / " Check Da Status" b/w "All Alone" (dope!)Back To Back[/b] -- "Play to Get Paid" b/w "Vital" (nice 'random rap' 12")Company Flow[/b] -- "Juvenile Technique" (El-P's introduction to the world of hip hop)Bad Boys[/b] -- "Here I Reign" b/w "Outstanding"Bolaji[/b] -- "I Want You" b/w "Massive Material (Re-Mix)"DJ Hollywood[/b] -- "Hollywood's Message" (hard-to-find old school from one of the first to do it in the... parks... err... I mean, clubs)Dead Prez[/b] -- "It's Bigger than Hip Hop" b/w "Hip Hop" (LOUD promo)Double J[/b] -- "Cannibal Town" (rare 45 King production on the indy Chanpen label)Fatal House[/b] -- "Hit List" / "Ho's Be Tripping" b/w "Godfather of Rap" / "P.H.C.H.H.E.S." (for the fast rap fanatics)Gang Starr[/b] -- "No More Mr. Nice Guy" LP (Wild Pitch must-have)Hashim[/b] -- "Al-Naafyish" (electro staple)KGB[/b] -- "Beware" b/w "I'm Runnin' It" / "Kosher" (Roc Rulin' rarity that recently hit ridiculous levels on the eBay circuit)Kid Flash[/b] -- "Mind Your Business" / "Havin' Fun" b/w "Ain't Nothin' But a Party" (featured on Ivory's classic "Hear No Evil 2" - track 12)KRS-One[/b] -- "The MC" b/w "Throwdown" (ridiculously tough-to-find Jive white label private press 12" featuring the DOPE "Throwdown"... worth its weight in gold)Master Rappers[/b] -- "Poverty" (old school 12" from '81)MC Breeze[/b] -- "Your Craniums Cracked" (Master of Disaster Records -- rare Philly 12")MC Mitchski[/b] -- "Let's Dance" / "Educational Powers of a Black Man" b/w "Let's Go House" / "Use A Condom" (Ski Records 12" from the man that brought us "Brooklyn Blew up the Bridge", "Red Alert Is a Great Man", and other fond memories)MC Nikke & DJ Rap-N-Scratch[/b] -- "Rap-N-Scratch Goes Rambo" (Show Jazz)Milk[/b] -- "Get Off My Log (The Jazzyfatwoody Remix)" (promo only)Mr. D. Original[/b] -- "What's it All About?" / "Come Wit It!" / "J.P.M.S." (nice mid-90s indy treat on a lot of want lists)Mr. Low Kash 'N Da Shady Bunch[/b] -- "R.I.P." (another mid-90s 12")Rockwell Noel & The Poet (The Fedz)[/b] -- "Massacre" (SAM Records)Sangria[/b] -- "To the Beat Y'all" b/w "Loose on the Forty Duce" (old school circa 1981)Sic Sense[/b] -- "Positional Bypass" b/w "Onemantality" (mid-90s indy)Steady B[/b] -- "Surprise" b/w "Get Physical" (another cut featured on the joint that inadvertently set off the random rap craze, "Hear No Evil - Volume 1" - track 21)Stetsasonic[/b] -- "On Fire" LP (classic, classic, classic)Three the Hardway[/b] -- "Heart Beat" / "Hard Knox" / "This House Rocks" (Hardcore Records)Two Shades of Black[/b] -- "Surrender" b/w "Flaunt It" (for the Paul C completist)Ultramagnetic MC's[/b] -- "Critical Beatdown" LP (if this isn't in your crates... well... it isn't... but it SHOULD be!!!)Various Artists[/b] -- "Oh.10: In Full Effect!" (rare compilation from Ohio released in 1988)Zack[/b] -- "I Wanna Be the Only" b/w "Be Strong" (indy 12" on Solid Gold Records, 1990)


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    Thanks for all of the interest -- if you hit me off with a pm, I believe I've gotten back to you by now...

    For what it's worth, the following are gone:

    Alps Cru
    Mr. D Original
    Mr. Low Kash
    Sic Sense
    Three the Hardway
    Two Shades of Black
    "Oh.10" compilation

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    No longer on the list:

    45 King
    Back To Back
    Double J
    Fatal House
    Kid Flash
    Steady B
    Ultramagnetic MCs
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