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I was listening to Eddie Murphy - Comedian couple of nights ago, and shit was still hilarious. I listen to That [email]Ni@#%^[/email] Crazy - Pryor on the regular.I'm lookin' to add to my comedy collection. George Carlin - I dont own any of his 70/80 stuff.Jimmy Walker - how iz this joint?Robert Klein - ???How do they do on the market?state your favs and critique pleez.


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    Jimmy Walker - how iz this joint?

    I wasn't too impressed, but I once found a promo EP by a similar comedian on a TV series who was hot around the same time as Jimmie: Freddie Prinze, from Chico & The Man. This 7" record had excerpts from his Looking Good! album and is surprisingly funny.

    Also recommended on the comedy tip: perennials like Rudy Ray Moore, Lawanda Page, and Moms Mabley (although her delivery is funnier than the jokes themselves). Mantan Moreland's albums on Laff, too. Fave Redd Foxx: You Gotta Wash Your Ass.

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    Steve Martin: "Let's Get Small"

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    What about Flip Wilson?

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    Any opinions on that comedy album by jazzman Eddie Harris, The Reason Why I'm Talking S--t? I like it. He was no Pryor, but I did crack a smile a few times while listening.

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    one of many albums by the Cos' to be had for less than a dollar

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    Eddie Murphy - Comedian

    Holy shit this album is funny.

    Now that's a fire!

    Lemonade - that cool refreshing drink

    My shoe!

    hey boy! hey boy! you look mighty cute in them jeans, boy!


    I loved comedy albums when I was a kid - Steve Martin & George Carlin
    were my favorites, and I had the old SNL one that had stuff like
    "Landshark" on it...

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    not vinyl, but the second mitch hedberg(RIP) cd. the first one, he just sounds too stoned...and off, like before chris rock would stress/eggagerate his voice. even content wise his sophmore album kills his first.

    he's got the most hilarious quotes, check them here

    I got an ant farm. Them fellas didn't grow shit. I say, "You fuckers don't farm c'mon, what about some carrots? I like carrots. Plus if I tore your legs off, you would look like snowmen."

    I think Bigfoot is blurry, that's the problem. It's not the photographer's fault. Bigfoot is blurry. And that's extra scary to me, because there's a large, out-of-focus monster roaming the countryside. "Run. He's fuzzy. Get outta here."

    Dogs are forever in the push up position.

    I think foosball is a combination of soccer and shish kabobs.

    All McDonalds commercials end the same way: "prices and participation may vary." I want to open my own McDonalds and not participate in anything. I want to be a stubborn McDonalds owner. "Cheeseburgers? Nope. We got spaghetti!...And blankets. But we are not affiliated with that clown, he attracts too many children."

    I was in a restaurant and I ordered a chicken sandwich, but I don't think the waitress heard me because she said, "OK, how would you like your eggs, sir?" I tried to answer anyhow: "Incubated. And then raised. And then beheaded. And then plucked. And then cut up. And then put on a grill. And then put on a bun. Shit, it's gonna take a while. I do not have time. Scrambled. You fuckin' confused me."

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    Eddie Murphy - Comedian

    Holy shit this album is funny.

    I'm more a fan of Eddie's first self-titled album:

    Say, my man? How much are the chopsticks? 29 cent? What A Bargain! That Is A Bargain For Me! I Think I Will Buy Some!

    Dominus - let's go!

    Oh shit! I seent it! I seent it! I seent the whole THING! You just missed it! God-damn!

    You know how people be named after their father? We be named after our father's favorite breakfasts! There's my li'l nephew over there, he retarded, his name is Special K...

  • Richard Pryor - Craps
    Redd Foxx - Doin His Own Thing

    Pryor goes Foxx hunting is nice too, even though it a compilation of sorts. Dope cover on that one.

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    Some favs...

    Woody Allen (pretty well every record)

    Steve Martin Lp's

    Early Cheech and Chong...( I have no idea why I think they are funny...but i really do)

    Women of comedy comp (can't remember the proper name now..from the late 80's...has Paula Poundstone and 2 others...really funyy and a dollar bin find fo sho)

    Eddie Murphy (obviously mentioned already, but the definition of

    Robin Harris Lp (got me a 1987 Mercedes Benz Windshield Wiper Blade....)

    Billy Crystal Lp (from the you Look mahvelous period...only a minute or two to suffer through that routine, and then hilarity ensues...also a great 15 minute character piece about a jazz musician which he built on memories of the people his father used to deal with, as dad was a concert promoter and record store owner)

    Whoopi goldberg early Lp (with some kick ass character work)

    Lenny Bruce Lp's (to get your brain going...)

    and more that I can't recall right now. Best part is that most of these are dollar bin scores, so the funny comes cheap...

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    One of my all time favorites, apparently there's a picture disc version of this that's been on my want list for quite some time.

    Comedy records were one of my earliest obsessions, plus lots of them are relatively easy to find cheap (Bill Cosby, Monty Python, George Carlin, Cheech and Chong, etc.). If you're a Vaughn Maeder fan, you could probably find a copy of his First Family record in every dollar bin in America, it's the Endless Flight of comedy.

    I really like some[/b] of the Firesign Theater records, "Waiting for the Electrician...", "Don't Crush That Dwarf...", and "How Can You be Two Places at Once..." are some of my early favorites, but "I Think We're all Bozos on this Bus" has emerged as my favorite. I guess I'm a sucker for early Unix humor.

    As far as recent stuff, I liked the David Cross albums, but I'm kinda sick of him by now. I probably laughed hardest for the Patton Oswalt album "Feeling Kinda Patton"

    Pipe down Buck Rodgers, it's only a diver's watch![/b]

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    Doug Clark & the Hot Nuts!!!

    With A Hat On, Summer Session, Panty Raid and Rush Week are all favorites of mine.

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    Smothers Brothers - 'Think Ethnic', 'Live at the Purple Onion' and 'Mom Always Liked You Best' are classics and still VERY funny.

    Richard Pryor-'That N*****'s Crazy' and 'Bicentennial N*****' are my faves

    Paul Mooney- 'Race' and 'Master Piece' are both hysterical

    George Carlin- Class Clown

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    Paul Mooney- 'Race' and 'Master Piece' are both hysterical

    Were these ever on vinyl? I only have the cd & cassette.

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    I probably laughed hardest for the Patton Oswalt album "Feeling Kinda Patton"

    how many albums does this guy have?

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    Paul Mooney- 'Race' and 'Master Piece' are both hysterical

    Were these ever on vinyl? I only have the cd & cassette.

    Since they came out in the 90's, I'm assuming there was no vinyl at all.

    I was working in a record store when those albums were released, and don't recall any vinyl release.

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    i can recite this entire album verbatim.

    "What the fuck you gonna do now? You done dropped ya' pistol when you busted in the window! That's your ass I guess, ha ha!"

    "They shot Ron? Well shit man, fuck, I'll just have to get a job at my cousin's cleaners"

    "See how my arm is? Nah man look at me..."

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    i can recite this entire album verbatim.

    "What the fuck you gonna do now? You done dropped ya' pistol when you busted in the window! That's your ass I guess, ha ha!"

    "They shot Ron? Well shit man, fuck, I'll just have to get a job at my cousin's cleaners"

    "See how my arm is? Nah man look at me..."

    yeah i love that shit.

    all the talk about "faggots" hasn't really aged well though

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    I found this record when I helped my aunt to sell my uncle's records after he died. He was from Surinam, my favorite uncle, and she didn't have a clue what kind of records he kept in their attic. It was mostly classical and audiophile stuff, but my uncle liked to throw a party so he had a shelf of latin and calypso plus some US funk. I found the record you see above among these and my aunt wanted to get that record out of her house as soon as possible. She remembered my uncle putting it on for laughs in the middle of parties. Anyway, I played it when I got home and laughed straight through it. Incredible black comedy, kind of with a rural feel to it. B-side has one long scene, all in rhyme between some homeless bum and a hooker. First they negotiate the price and then they end up in a room and he pulls his thing out of his pants which, judging from her reaction, is monstruous so she asks for "goose grease".

    Bum: we're out of goose grease, fresh out of luck, so get down and do your duty and help me get it hard.

    Hooker: Damn! You mean it gets bigger than what it is now?! Motherfucker I give you a refund and you go for the cow.

    Bum: But I fucked the cow last week and before that the horse, And now I want a woman and that's you off course.

    Then they hit it off and they keep on rhyming, resulting in some of the most foul mouthed stuff I've ever heard, like:

    Honey if you stop your bullshitting and get on with your fucking, I'll show you how my pussy can do some dick sucking

    They fuck so hard that he suggests they do a contest in who'll cum first but i've got a headstart 'cause I already started

    Man, you're not the first one that started! I thought you noticed the moment I farted!

    Well, they cum together but he can't stop shooting so they are about to drown as the cum rises.

    This stuff is just 100% quotable. Anyone recognize this? Is it a bootleg of some Rudy Ray Moore record?

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    Hey I’ve been trying to get a hold of that recording for quite some time, but have no clue... I thought it was Lawanda Page, but no luck. Any ideas?

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    I'm a fan of those Firesign Theater albums you always see at the thrift. "Everything You Know Is Wrong", their send-up of conspiracy theorists, ancient alien proponents and such, is my favorite. "Rebus Canebus" as a parody of Evel Knievel, pot smoking Founding Fathers, "there is a seeker born every minute"...funny shit.

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